Top tips to boost workplace productivity
It’s all too easy to feel tired, lazy or just plain unmotivated when it comes to work. Staring at the same four walls for eight hours a day can be a drain in itself, and it can be hard to see past it.

Humans are extremely adaptable creatures – which unfortunately can also give rise to boredom. However, with a few tips and tricks you can learn how to get yourself back on track and boost your productivity in the workplace.

Choose healthy snacks
Healthy snacks may appear to be the epitome of boredom, ... continue reading
Has the younger generation SME owner got it right? Report suggests younger business owners spend more time dedicated to their staff
According to a new “Small Business Tracker” study published by business lender Everline and the Centre for Economic Business and Research (CEBR), small firms are spending on average 100 extra working hours a year on recruiting staff, but some £18bn is forfeited due to small businesses being unable to fill job openings with the right kinds of skilled candidates.
Even though there are around 520,000 job vacancies available and being advertised by UK small businesses, business owners are finding it a challenge to loc... continue reading

Johnson Controls releases global survey of 3,500 building owners and operators
Johnson Controls, company that offers commercial building owners solutions that increase energy efficiency, on June 27th, released a global survey. During the 2012 Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Indicator 3,500 building owners and operators around the world were surveyed.
Based on the results there have been a 34-point increase in building owners who depend on energy management to drive operational efficiency, bringing the total percentage to eighty-five.
Real estate owners value the energy efficiency becau... continue reading
George Davison's A-HA! moment can help You too
Once George Davison had a dream. Dream of owning the world's largest invention factory. Years later it's there. With more than 150 new product prototypes created each and every month, Davidson's Inventionland has become the world's largest invention factory.
Have You had this type of "A-HA!" moments? The idea of this invention factory is to turn those moments into real products. Many common people have had great ideas that they have not been able to realize simply because of the lack of knowledge about how to cont... continue reading

Pakistan imports go up by 43 percent

Islamabad, May 26 (IANS) Pakistan's imports in the first nine months of the current financial year amounted to $20.693 billion as against $14.446 billion in the same period in the last fiscal, a finance ministry official said here Friday.

'Due to strong economic recovery taking place in the country, both imports and exports are growing at a double-digit level,' advisor to finance ministry Ashfaque Hassan Khan told state-run APP news agency.

He said the imports in the first nine months had shown an increase of $... continue reading
Lawsuit filed against H&R Block Inc.
It is widely reported by various new organizations, that on behalf of New York State, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has filed a $250 million fraud suit against H&R Block Inc. today, charging that the company fraudulently steered customers into a losing retirement account plan. The law suit is on behalf of customers who have opened the Express IRA accounts.
The court papers, filed by Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, say that money in the retirement account decreases because the only investment option offered is... continue reading

AOL and Yahoo to charge optional fee for sending Commercial E-mails soon.
Yahoo Inc. and America Online are planning to charge an optional fee to businesses for send commercial e-mails in the coming months. This means that these paid messages will bypass the junk mail filters and will be delivered directly to the inbox of the account holder.
The program is being offered through Goodmail Systems and will target banks, online retailers and other groups that send huge amount of e-mails. According to AOL, Goodmail will negotiate the market rate it charges commercial e-mailers based on the v... continue reading
Call the Crimestopers!
No, it's not a new hit TV-show or a top movie from the producers of Hollywood. And the number 0800 555 111 is not owned by a private porn line company.
United Kingdom has put together a new police squad to fight the trade of illegal DVDs. According to estimations, it's a business that earns around 300m pounds to criminals every year.
When before the illegal DVDs were mainly made in Far East then now this has changed due to the easiness of creating DVDs using equipment available to everyone - DVD burners.
Movie... continue reading

The new $149 iPod nano from Apple
Apple Computer Inc, has introduced a new stylish pencil thin iPod nano. The 1GB iPod is priced at $149 and has a capacity to hold 240 songs. It comes in two colors – black or white. The other models are 2GB (250 songs) and 4GB (1000 songs).
An option of free laser engraving is also available. You can view great engraving ideas in any of the categories like ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Let it rock’, ‘Good times’, ‘Inspire me’ or ‘Cult of iPod’ on their website.
Lots of hit TV shows from MTV, MTV2, COMEDY CE... continue reading
Beware of the Blackworm or Kamasutra Virus!
The Blackworm virus, which is also known as Kama Sutra virus because it lures users with messages of sexual content, will destruct files on unprotected PCs on February 3. It has already affected more than 500,000 PCs worldwide.
If the attachments containing the virus are opened, the virus can copy itself across shared networks and send itself to e-mail addresses on your PC before commencing to destroy all the files on the third day of the month.
The primary objective of the virus is destruction of files. It can ... continue reading

Blackberry users still in dark
The rejection of RIM’s (Research in Motion) petition by the High court has spelled bad news for Blackberry users. It might result in the possible shutdown of blackberry services, which could have dire effects on US economy.
The legal trouble for RIM started back in 2002 when NTP, a patent holding company, filed a suit against RIM claiming that Blackberry infringed on its patents.
NTP, Inc. is a Virginia-based patent holding company, whose real asset is a set of wireless email patents that were awarded to o... continue reading
Kiva: Become a Micro Venture Capitalist

Kiva means “Agreement” or “Unity” in Swahili. Kiva.org is a California based microfinance organization that offers you a unique opportunity to become a micro venture capitalist of a different kind!
For the novice, microfinance quite simply put is the provision of very small loans that are repaid within short periods of time, and are typically used by low-income individuals or businesses that have few assets which can be used as collateral.
Currently, the website lists all the business located i... continue reading

$100 laptops for poor countries
A company from Taiwan has promised to start producing cheap laptops to
be sold to students in poor countries. The price for the laptops will
be around $100. This cheap laptop will use Linux operating system and
will be powered by hand-cranked generator. The initiator of this
project - Nicholas Negroponte - wants to sell anywhere between 5 and 15
million laptops.

The laptops will be distributed early 2006 in countries like Nigeria, Thailand, Argentina, China, etc.
... continue reading
Buy “Confidence” on eBay!
Tired of giving the same old gifts every holiday season? Try giving  ‘Confidence’ as a gift for change! "Confidence" is being auctioned for the first time - where else, but on eBay of course!
eBay users can now place a bid on a one-hour mental coaching session that teaches confidence, or any of 7 other critical mental skills like focus, resilience, effort, enjoyment, energy control, imagery or goals. The highest bidder or the winner will receive one hour with Dr. Murray by phone or in person.
&n... continue reading

Hollywood Sign for Auction on Ebay!
The original Hollywood sign built by film director Mack Sennett and LA Times publisher Harry Chandler in 1923 is up for sale on Ebay. The bidding starts at US $300,000.
The current owner wants to sell it because he says he is too busy working on other projects and more importantly he want to use the proceeds to finance a Hollywood project he is working on!
In case you are wondering what you could do with a Hollywood sign, here are some ideas given by the seller himself. He says you could use it a... continue reading
Cheer up Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon Fans!
There is one more reason for kids to smile this holiday season. Hasbro will now make it possible for kids to take episodes of their favorite shows like "Sponge Bob Square Pants", "Dexter's Laboratory", “Jimmy Neutron”, “Billy and Mandy” and many more with them anywhere they go.
Hasbro's Tiger Electronics will carry programs of kids' cable television channels Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network on its new portable VUGO multi-media device.
The VUGO system’s 128 MB memory can carry 1 hour of video, 6 h... continue reading

Yahoo! for Tivo or Not?
TiVo Inc. and Yahoo Inc. recently launched a collaborative service that allows TiVo users to program their digital video recorders remotely using Yahoo's television information Web sites. Under their deal, users can log onto any computer and use the Yahoo site to set TiVo to record TV programs and events.
The TiVo box had created lot of frenzy back when it was first introduced because it delivered on the promise of consumer choice and control over live TV viewing.
In the coming months, TiVo and Ya... continue reading
Amazon.com's new sale plan.
The Amazon Upgrade is a feature that will allow a buyer (of a book from Amazon.com), for a small additional charge, to view the whole book online.
Copyright laws are, obviously, an issue when it comes to a company allowing copyrighted books to be viewed online. But, according to the Author's Guild executive director, this is the way that copyright is supposed to work. "You provide access to readers and some compensations flows back to right holders."
It seems as though this development has been carefully th... continue reading

War of the Nations: over the Internet
Feeling a little patriotic today? Go and battle for your country on the Internet. I am not kidding... in this age of the Internet anything is possible! and I mean anything! Some new and strange opportunities have been made possible by the power and range of the Internet in this new millennium.
Welcome to the first online battle of nations! The idea was a result of a routine brainstorming session of a group of young people who run a small online marketing agency. They have come up with this very first Inter... continue reading
Micro Ads lead to Megabucks!
Micro Ads lead to Megabucks!
Do you want to promote your web site or product for 5 years for a $1 a pixel?
Sounds good, doesn’t it? It sure got me interested! My curiosity led me to a website called PixelBay.org. Their site is cool. It is designed like a grid of squares. Each square in the grid that has been sold has a symbol on the pixel that provides a clue to the content of the site. If you click on it, you can directly link to the website of the advertiser. If you move your mouse over the pix... continue reading

Bill gates makes a $15mln donation to a computer museum

Silicon Valley
Institution received so far the biggest donation for its world’s biggest museum
of computing artefacts. The sum was $15 million dollars and was meant to help the
museum in getting together $125 million dollars for different educational

The executive director of
the museum if very happy to see that big donation from a key-person in this
industry. No wonder.

Before Bill’s donation,
the biggest amount of money they had received was $10 millions from Eric Hahn,
a investo... continue reading