Revealed – 51% of women find Halloween Costumes to be Sexist
Over sexualisation of Halloween costumes have been a hot topic over the last couple of years, we are aware women’s Halloween costumes tend to be designed risqué, however the vast majority of manufacturers and outlets produce outfits for woman that are not only overly sexual but further research revealed that the outfit choices available are outdated and gender stereotypical. With this in mind an online voucher website looked closer at the sexism women experience at Halloween.

Whilst Halloween is a time when you... continue reading
Gay Couple Sets World Record for Longest Kiss
A gay Thai couple celebrated their love this Valentine's Day with a two-day kiss. The 50-hour, 25-minute and one-second smooch [kiss] set a new world record.The two men were taking part in the annual Ripley's Believe It or Not longest kissing competition in the resort town of Pattaya, Thailand. The seven competing couples started kissing Sunday and had to keep their lips locked at all times, including to eat and drink and to go to the bathroom.Thirty-one-year-old Nontawat Jaroegenasornsin and 28-year-old Thanakorn ... continue reading

Video: Too Cute: Abe the "Mini" Goat on Show in NYC
Abe, a "mini" goat is enjoying his new home at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Central Park Zoo in New York City. The new kid is a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf goat and a Nubian goat. (Jan. 21)... continue reading
Video: Oh Snap! Bubble Wrap Turns 50
Bubble wrap turns 50 years old. The sheets are not only great for packing items but also for relieving stress. (Jan. 25)... continue reading

Video: Soccer Man Aims to Juggle Ball for 30 Miles
A man in London wants to smash a world record by juggling a soccer ball 30 miles through the streets of London. (Jan. 26)... continue reading
Video: Raw Video: Kansas Coach Hits Half Court Shot
Students at a Kansas school decided to play a prank on their basketball coach, telling him he'd win tickets to the NCAA's Final Four if he could hit a half-court shot blindfolded. He had to settle for a restaurant gift card. (Jan. 25)... continue reading

Video: Raw Video: Elmo Receives Key to City of Detroit
Elmo and Grover of "Sesame Street" renown have been given the key to the city by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing during a visit to the Children's Hospital of Mich. Bing on Wednesday also issued a proclamation declaring Thursday "Sesame Street Live Day" (Jan. 27)... continue reading
Video: Raw Video: Man's Strange Subway Chicken Roll
New York City's transit agency is investigating a video posted online that shows a man kissing and snuggling a live chicken as he lies on the subway train's floor. Some passengers laughed, while others hustled out of his way. (Jan. 28)... continue reading

Video: Dog Drifts 75 Mi. on Ice, Rescued in Baltic Sea
A frightened, shivering dog was rescued after floating 75 miles on an ice floe down Poland's Vistula River and into the Baltic Sea, officials said Thursday. Now his saviors just have to figure out who really owns him. (Jan. 28)... continue reading
Video: Saints Fans Dress in Drag Ahead of Super Bowl
Thousands of men, decked out in everything from flowing gowns to tiny miniskirts, paraded through the streets of New Orleans on Sunday to show their love for the New Orleans Saints and their happiness over the team's first trip to the Super Bowl. (Feb. 1)... continue reading

Video: Raw Video: There He Is! Miss'd America!
A day after Miss America 2010 was crowned in Las Vegas, several drag queens competed for the title of Miss'd America in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (Feb. 1)... continue reading
Video: Bald Diners Get Discount at Okla. Restaurant
At one Mexican restaurant in Oklahoma, those who have lost a little off the top are getting a little off their bill. (Feb. 2)... continue reading

Video: First Person: Detroit Home Encased in Ice
Two artists have spent weeks in the often bitter cold spraying water onto one of the city's thousands of abandoned homes, encasing it in ice to draw attention to the nation's housing crisis and hopefully offer inspiration. (Feb. 2)... continue reading
Video: Harlem Globetrotters Take to the Ice
The Harlem Globetrotters have a new way to beat the Washington Generals: on ice. The famed basketball barnstormers play on a hockey rink for the first time in their 84-year history, putting on a show in New York's Central Park. (Feb. 9)... continue reading

Video: Move Over, Phil: Animals Angle for Forecasts
When it comes to forecasting the continuation of winter or an early spring, that furry prognosticator of prognosticators Punxsutawney Phil is facing some competition. (Feb. 3)... continue reading
Video: Calif. Man Has 7-year Case of the Hiccups
A man in Southern California says he's had a case of the hiccups since he had a stressful move out of a home seven years ago, and he's still searching for a cure. (Feb. 10)... continue reading

Video: Raw Video: Washington Snowball Fight
Wednesday's blizzard conditions weren't enough to keep some Washington residents inside. Hundreds braved the elements and gathered in the DuPont Circle neighborhood for a snowball fight. (Feb. 10)... continue reading
Video: Ohio Man Chills Out in Homemade Igloo
Jim Grey's home away from home is a giant igloo that began with a mound of snow from a New Year's Day storm. (Feb. 12)... continue reading

Video: Raw Video: Baby Elephant Runs With Herd
The San Diego Zoo got a gift for Valentine's Day: a baby elephant. The male is walking and nursing, but has yet to be named. He is the sixth born into a herd imported from Swaziland in 2003. (Feb. 17)... continue reading
Video: First Person: Up in the Air at the Mall
Go up on a steel and rope structure stretching many feet into the air at the Mall of America in Minnesota. It is billed as the tallest sky trail ropes course in the world. (Feb. 17)... continue reading

Video: Raw Video: Runaway Zebra on Atlanta Freeway
An escaped circus zebra made a break for it Thursday, leading police on a chase through downtown and bring traffic to a standstill, before it was rounded up on a nearby interstate. (Feb. 18)... continue reading
Video: Raw Video: Chihuahua Adopts Two Rejected Kittens
Two kittens abandoned kittens have found an unexpected adoptive mother in a chihuahua, a recent new mom herself, who immediately accepted the kittens into her brood. (Feb. 20)... continue reading

Video: Raw Video: Ariz. Great Dane Is Tallest Dog Ever
Guinness World Records says Giant George is the tallest dog ever. Guinness announced today that the 250-pound blue Great Dane from Tucson, Ariz. stands 3 feet, 7 inches tall from paw to shoulder. (Feb. 23)... continue reading
Video: New Orleans Fans Bury 'Aints' Nickname
Two weeks after their beloved Saints took home the Super Bowl title, fans gathered for a New Orleans jazz funeral to put to rest an old nickname that celebrated their team's legendary futility. (Feb. 22)... continue reading

Video: Racing Down the Hill, on a Bar Stool
In Wisconsin, people are taking to the sledding hill equipped with bar stools ready to fly. (Feb. 23)... continue reading
Video: Suspected Thief Gets Stuck in Chimney
A thief in Sao Paulo, Brazil became a prisoner of his own scheme late Monday, after he got caught in a restaurant's brick-oven chimney during an attempted robbery. (Feb. 23)... continue reading

Video: Sexually-charged Anti-smoking Ads Rile France
An anti-smoking campaign has sparked a storm of controversy in France, with family groups claiming it needlessly links tobacco and sex. Warning: contains potentially offensive images. (Feb. 24)... continue reading
Video: Raw Video: Surfers Ride Wave on UK River
Hundreds of surfers took to the River Severn in the British county of Gloucestershire on Tuesday to ride the Severn Bore wave. (Mar. 2)... continue reading

Video: Italy Broiling Over Cat Stew
An Italian chef has landed in hot water after he told a televised audience that he has eaten cats and that they taste good. (Feb. 25)... continue reading
Video: Alligator Wrestling As a Sport?
The Seminole Indians in Florida are trying turn alligator wrestling into an extreme sport with international competitors. It's a tradition for Seminoles that goes back generations. (March 9)... continue reading

Video: Conan Launches a Twitter Star
Last week, Sarah Killen had three Twitter followers. This week, she has 20,000 and it's all thanks to Conan O'Brien. (March 10)... continue reading
Video: Gibbs Makes Due on a Bet With Canada
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs donned a Canadian hockey jersey at the daily briefing on Friday and sent beer to the prime minister of Canada to pay back a bet from the Olympics. (March 12)... continue reading

Video: Iowa Teen Makes Prom Dress From Gum Wrappers
An Iowa high school student isn't relying on the latest fashions for her high school prom. Instead, she's made something no one else will be wearing -- a dress made out of chewing gum wrappers. (April 12)... continue reading

Video: Raw Video: Giraffes Frolic at Chicago Zoo
A herd of giraffes runs and frolics at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago after they are let into their outdoor yard for the first time this season. (April 7)... continue reading
Video: Raw Video: "French Spiderman" Scales Paris Tower
A French climber famous for climbing nearly 100 buildings worldwide came home to Paris on Wednesday where he scaled the GDF-Suez office tower in the business district of the French capital. (April 7)... continue reading

Video: Raw Video: Overgrown Kids on Big Wheels
Adults take to Big Wheels in a street race in San Francisco. Some wore costumes as they tore down a winding, hilly street. Not everyone made it to the finish line. (April 5)... continue reading
Video: Texas Church Gives Away Cars for Easter
A Texas church had quite the Easter celebration, giving away cars, flat-screen televisions and furniture. (April 5)... continue reading

Video: Shot in the Heart, With a Nail
A 30-year-old man has a nail enter his heart in a carpentry accident. (April 1)... continue reading
Video: Georgian TV Airs Report on Russian Invasion
Georgians panicked when a hoax television news program announced the Russian army had invaded and killed President Mikhail Saakashvili. (March 15)... continue reading

Video: A Washing Machine That's Truly for the Dogs
Don't like the smell of your dog but can't face being scratched as you wrestle to wash your beloved pooch? Well, a company in Japan has the answer: a dog wash. (March 16)... continue reading
Video: Bad Boy: Dog Bites Patrol Car, Lives
A dog in Tennessee takes a bite out of a police patrol car, startling officers but living to wag his tail another day. (March 16)... continue reading

Video: Man Wakes Up in Bed With Alleged Burglar
Pittsburgh police say a man broke into a stranger's home and climbed in bed with the owner, apparently because he was drunk and cold following a rap concert. (March 17)... continue reading
Video: Leprechaun-dressed Suspect Killed in Robbery
Two bank robbery suspects, including one dressed in a green leprechaun costume, were shot dead after a St. Patrick's Day chase and shootout with police in Tennessee, authorities said. (March 18)... continue reading

Video: Raw Video: Dog Attacks Police Cruiser
Police in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have released dash cam video of a dog attacking the bumper of a police cruiser. Thursday, a judge released the dog from a shelter on "good behavior" and returned him to his owners. (March 25)... continue reading
Video: Perched on Roofs, Bodies Have People Gawking
A collection of 31 body casts placed on rooftop edges around New York City have people talking and gawking. (March 23)... continue reading

Video: Coyote Nabbed in the Wilds of New York City
A coyote that evaded police for days ends up caught in a parking garage in New York. (March 25)... continue reading
Video: Ind. Man Goes on 'Meat Attack' at Supermarket
An Indiana man is undergoing a mental evaluation after he went on a bizarre rampage inside a grocery store. Authorities say he ran down the store's meat aisle, ripping open packages of beef and throwing them on the floor. (March 28)... continue reading

Video: Police: Intoxicated Driver Calls 911 on Herself
Police in Michigan have released a 911 call where a suspected drunken driver chats with an emergency dispatcher for about 20 minutes before she is pulled over and arrested. The woman was issued a citation and faces up to 90 days in jail. (March 28)... continue reading
Video: Pooches Raise a Paw to 'Doga'
Dogs can now join humans in a Seattle yoga studio, aligning mind and body by doing 'doga.' (March 29)... continue reading

Video: Men Fleeing Ohio Police Jump Fence Into Prison
Cleveland-area police say a motorist fleeing officers abandoned his car and jumped a fence _ landing in what turned out to be a prison yard. (March 30)... continue reading
Weird News!
Football seats mark man's grave
MOUNT LEBANON, Pa. — Paul Wellener's family found the perfect marker for his grave: two blue plastic seats from the Three Rivers Stadium auction. Wellener, a lifelong football fan and a Pittsburgh Steelers season ticket holder for 42 years, died unexpectedly on March 16. Wellener's son, Paul, and widow, Mary Ann, bought three pairs of stadium seats for $2,100 at an auction — and knew they had found the perfect gravestone.

Hungry? Try a "Fat in Chocolate"
KIEV, Ukraine — A Ukr... continue reading

Weird discussions from USA - Is it "christmas" or is it "holiday"?
I can't help myself but wonder...what's the fuzz about? I'll tell you.
In USA they are discussing how you should express yourself during
christmas. Should you say "Happy holidays" or  "Merry Christmas"?
The fuzz is about the meaning behind the words - when you say christmas
then it is talking about Jesus Christ...but at the same time, if you
say holidays, then it's like losing the christmas tradition.

I hope you do see how weird this all is - should Santa be permitted to hug the kid? Should the presid... continue reading
Pizza Delivery and Sleepwalking?
(1) Hungry Howie's Pizza deliveryman Thomas Stefanelli, 37, was shot in the leg during a June robbery in Tampa, Fla., as he made his rounds, but he fought the robbers off and, not really aware that the pain in his leg was from a gunshot, dutifully delivered his other four pizzas before returning to the store and examining his wound.
(2) In London, in July, an unnamed teenager was rescued from a construction site at 4 a.m., about 10 stories up on the arm of a crane, which she had climbed during an apparent sleepwa... continue reading

Austrian hotel owner decided to ban kids

According to AP, owner of one Austrian hotel is planning to ban all children
under 12 from entering his hotel. Why? Because they disturb the guests who
are older. Kids are running around the hotel making awful noises, screaming and
shouting al lthe time. Not to talk about kids-graffiti.

The ban will take effect on May 1 2006.

The fun part of it in my opinion is that dogs are allowed in this nice

Like the song goes, “isn’t it fun, fun, fun, to be number one”…to ban the

... continue reading