Astronomers Say Galaxy May Be Awash with Homeless Planets

Astronomers say the Milky Way may be swarming with nomad planets wandering through space instead of orbiting a host star, and that the galaxy may have a greater number of unmoored planets than stars.
Last year, astronomers detected about a dozen nomad planets wandering about the galaxy, using a technique called gravitational microlensing, in which the light of stars is momentarily refocused, and brightened, by the gravity of passing planets.At that time, scientists estimated there could be two Jupiter-sized noma... continue reading
Busta Rhymes soccer mad
Hip-hop star Busta Rhymes carefully scheduled his UK tour, so his gigs wouldn't clash with England playing in the soccer World Cup.
The Turn It Up hitmaker is set to play London and Manchester on the 15th and 17th June respectively, which means he's free to watch David Beckham and his teammates play Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden during the televised matches this month ( June 06).
When the rapper realised his London gig was on the same day as the Trinidad & Tobago match, he asked the con... continue reading

There shall be no .xxx domain name

ICANN (Internet Corporation
for Assigned Names and Numbers)
announced on Wedensday that they do not support the idea to create .xxx domain
suffix for adult websites. This decision is greatly welcomed by the porn
industry as well as some conservative groups.  

It has been said that the new suffix
was proposed by ICM Registry only for one purpose – to make money. While
StarArticle feels making money shouldn’t be discouraged, this rejection might
have been the right one. Especially if everyone... continue reading
Apple computers to support Windows OS
It has been announced that the new Intel based Macs will support
Windows operating system. The users will have the chance to choose
whether they want to run Windows or Mac OS on their Macs. While loyal
Mac users will most likely not care about this decision, it will
definitely bring more and more PC users to Mac.

Apple has no intention to sell or support Windows but the decision to
make running it possible was made thanks to customers who have
expressed interest towards this.

Apple will be offering a ... continue reading

Gigant Google launches video market
Google has announced that they are planning to launch video download
service. The new service will be called Videostore which will allow
people to download video content for a fee. The content will be made
available by providers like CBS Broadcasting and the National
Basketball Association. The content providers can set their prices
themselves, so it will be kind of a video-market.

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, also introduced public a free
software package that will be providing internet users a ... continue reading
Your SMS will self-destruct in 40,39,38...
Service provider called Staellium has come up with another neat idea
for mobile phones - self-destructing SMS. By using their service StealthText
your SMS's will be automatically deleted within 40 of opening them.
This system is mainly ment for businessmen who exchange sensitive
information via SMS's. In case of this service, it's not the recipient
who gets to make the decision whether to keep the message or not, but
rather sender.

This service will most likely be available in early 2006.
... continue reading

Another IT revolution - mobile phone as a movie theatre!
If in some countries is it possible to use your mobile phone to pay for
parking tickets, buy movie tickets or check the road map, then now you
can view full-length movies using just your mobile phone. Sprint Nextel
Corp. will be offering mobile access to full-length movies as well as
to TV shows and concerts. They will be offering the service for a
montly fee of $6.95.

The sales of full-track music downloads and ring-back tones are
expected to increase mobile music revenues to more than $9.3 billion by
2... continue reading
Sony BMG exchanges CDs with content-protection software

After several complaints from infuriated customers, a
massive criticism from bloggers, and a class-action lawsuit filed, Sony BMG
announced a mail-in exchange program for the CDs containing the XCP copy
protection software.

Extended Copy Protection (XCP) is a CD copy protection
technology released by Sony BMG on 52 of their music CD titles. The problem is
that XCP has virus like capabilities like hiding files, processes and registry
keys and values. No uninstall procedures were available but due to t... continue reading

Two possible new moons discovered orbiting around Pluto
Using the Hubble Space Telescope,scientists have discovered two possible new moons orbiting around Pluto.If this is confirmed, it would bring Pluto's number of satellites to three. Charon, the only known moon of Pluto until now, was discovered by astronomers in 1978. Pluto lies in the Kuiper Belt, the vast region of icy, rocky objects beyond Neptune's orbit.The new moons are the first evidence of multiple satellites orbiting a planet in the solar system in the Kuiper Belt.
The possible moons, have been given the p... continue reading
New internet lines will go through gas pipes?

A San Diego (USA) based company Nethercomm has announced
that they will be offering internet through natural gas pipes. According to
themselves they are able to offer internet with a speed of 100mbits per second
to everyone who wants it.

Nethercomm is a privately-held corporation lead by a team
of accomplished industry veterans with extensive experience developing advanced
broadband communication systems, networks and semiconductors. (nethercomm.com)

The weird part about all this is curre... continue reading

Lighter and longer lasting batteries for your gadgets

Today's gadgets are becoming smaller and more powerful but a
major roadblock remains: the batteries. They are usually heavy and cumbersome.
Miniature fuel cell technology is about to change the landscape.

Methanol could provide between 40 to 60 times the energy
efficiency of lithium ion and an energy density gain of up to 10 times.
Companies are starting to bring prototypes into the market.

Toshiba has created the world smallest fuel cell and
developed a prototype of a flash-based MP3 player meas... continue reading
The next generation light bulb: Magic-sized quantum dots

Fluorescent lamps today can already provide an average of 10,000
hours of use compared to the 750 hours of a incandescent bulb. Now, imagine a
next generation lamp that can provide an average of 50,000 hours of use. A
discovery at Vanderbuilt University
brought us a step closer. It is based on an already available technology, the light
emitting diodes (LED) which is already replacing incandescent and fluorescent
lights in applications like traffic lights, architectural lighting, flashlights,
reading ligh... continue reading

Latinvibe.com domain for sale, no luck yet

owners of Latinvibe.com have put the domain for sale on Ebay
with the starting bid of US $37,000.00. It would really
be interesting to see if they really do manage to sell the domain or not. The
bidding started just 17 hours ago and it will last for 9 days and 7 hours more.
So far no bids.

As far as I can tell, they will have lots of problems with
selling this domain for this amount of money. After a short research about the
history of this site – it was registered on 26-Sep-01
with the sole p... continue reading