How to travel cheaper? (and not with Ryanair)
People travel more and more every year. Roughly a billion people a year spend abroad at least one night. And they, or more realistically, we, spend trillions of dollars to do it. The less you travel, the more willing (probably) you are to spend on your travels. But once you've gotten to the regular travel mode, which means that you don't travel just once every few years, but instead do it rather often, you start caring amount of money you spend on traveling more. Or to be more exact, you start to notice places wher... continue reading
New Iranian President Wants Nuclear Deal in 3-6 Months
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said he wants a deal with the West on his country's nuclear program in as little as three months.President Rouhani told The Washington Post on Wednesday that Iran is willing to take unspecified transparency measures to demonstrate that its nuclear program is peaceful.The comments came a day before the resumption of international talks on Iran's uranium enrichment program, which many Western powers suspect is aimed at building a bomb.Rouhani said the "only way forward" is for a t... continue reading

2012 Report on Gender Equality and Development looks at women's issues in India
Yesterday in London, World Bank released the 2012 World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development. India was mentioned 353 times in the report, many more times than more developed countries like Spain which was mentioned 45 times, New Zealand which was mentioned 15 times, and Canada which was mentioned 22 times.
The report mentions the importance of gender equality for national development as it ties into improve productivity, improved outcomes for the next generation, and more representative decision ... continue reading
Jim Belushi releases Gout Awareness video
Jim Belushi together with patient advocacy group Creakyjoints and Savient Pharmaceuticals released a video on Gout Awereness Day to make people more aware of the condition that affects 3.9% of U.S. population under the age of 65. The number of people over 65 suffering from the condition can be almost twice as high.
Historically known as the disease of the kings gout has spread more than ever due to changes in our diet, longer life expectancy as well as metabolic syndrome. Yet the disease is still conside... continue reading

US Congress Acts to End Air Traffic Delays
The U.S. Congress has completed action to curb the layoffs of air traffic controllers, which have resulted in thousands of delayed flights in the last few days.The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Friday for legislation that would give the Department of Transportation more budget flexibility so it could stop furloughing 1,500 air traffic controllers every day. With fewer controllers working at airport terminals, airlines have had to cancel hundreds of flights and delay even more to keep from overcrowdi... continue reading
Gun background checks a no-go in US Senate
The US Senate rejected Wednesday a bill amendment aimed at increasing the security of gun background checks, on what President Barack Obama described as "a shameful day for Washington."
On April 10 Senator Pat Toomey, accompanying Senator Joe Manchin in announcing the amendment, said it aimed to make "it more difficult for criminals and mentally ill people to obtain guns". The amendment would expand checks to sales online and at gun shows.
The vote followed weeks of campaigning by the President, who was supported... continue reading

US Potato Board joined by Katie Cavuto Boyle for educational video series
US Potato Board (USPB) launched a campaign, an educational video series starring registered dietitian Katie Cavuto Boyle. The video series is called "Seven Potato Types" and it introduces you the aspects of each and every of the following potato types - russets, reds, yellows, whites, purples, fingerlings and petites.
The potato is especially nutritious and healthy at the same time. A 5.3-ounce potato has more potassium in it than a banana and it also takes care of half of your daily vitamin C needs. Additionally... continue reading
Study: Taste of beer causes chemical reward in male brain
In a study published yesterday online in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, scientists from the Indiana University School of Medicine say the taste of beer alone triggers a release of dopamine, the brain's chemical reward signal.
Dopamine is a chemical released by the human body and is associated with drug- and alcohol-related use and pleasure. In men with family histories of alcoholism, the dopamine release was greater.
The scientists sprayed 15 milliliters (about one tablespoon) of either beer or a sports dri... continue reading

Weed-Killer Imprelis lawsuit reached settlement
The lawsuit against Weed-Killer Imprelis has just reached a settlement. Based on the lawsuit the usage of the weed-killer killed and damaged trees. The product was used between August 31, 2010 and August 21, 2011 all around the United States, except for New York and California.
Individuals as well as businesses will be getting reimbursed for their losses in terms of time and/or cash for removing and replacing the damaged trees. The settlement includes different benefits for three different classes.
Class 1, prope... continue reading
Malaysian General Election Set for May
Malaysia has announced that its much-anticipated general election will take place on May 5, in what is expected to be a key test for the country's longtime ruling coalition.An election commission official Wednesday said campaigning for the polls will begin on April 20. Parties have already begun appealing to voters since Prime Minister Najib Razak dissolved parliament last week.Razak's National Front coalition, which has been in power for 56 years, faces a tough challenge from the three-party coalition led by ex-De... continue reading

Obama Budget Proposes Tax, Benefit Changes
President Barack Obama is proposing a U.S. government budget for 2014 that would change taxes for the wealthy and adjust the way social security benefits are calculated, a plan that fails to satisfy many members of both parties.The White House says Obama's plan will reduce the deficit by nearly $2 trillion over the next decade, through a combination of new revenues and budget cuts. The president wants to raise more money by eliminating or reducing tax breaks for wealthy Americans and corporations, and through a min... continue reading
Top 200 causes are awaiting for your vote
Everyone across the United States and Canada were invited by State Farm Neighborhood Assist to submit causes that would have a good impact on their neighborhood for the chance of winning a $25 000 State Farm grant.
More than 3000 submissions were sent by people in all ages, youngest submitter being 13 and oldest 86. Out of the 3000 submissions State Farm Youth Advisory Board selected 200 causes with the most potential and now they are being voted on at www.statefarm.com/neighborhoodassist. You too can vote for th... continue reading

US Navy Readies New Laser Weapon
The U.S. Navy has developed a laser weapon designed to ward off attack from both air and sea threats.  The Navy released a demonstration video Monday, showing the new weapon shooting down an unmanned drone. The weapon eventually will be capable of disabling small enemy vessels and surveillance drones.  Officials says the cost of the laser will be less than $1 per shot since it runs on electricity, far less than the thousands of dollars it costs to fire one missile.The laser will be mounted on an amphibiou... continue reading
14 Stabbed on Texas College Campus
At least 14 people have been stabbed in an attack on a campus of Lone Star State College near Houston, Texas.Four of the victims were critically wounded and taken by helicopter to a hospital.Police near Houston say they have a suspect in custody. They are giving little information on him or the type of weapon that was used.Three people were shot and wounded on a separate Lone Star College campus in January. That shooting came just weeks after 26 students and teachers were massacred at a Connecticut elementary schoo... continue reading

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies aged 87
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke. Baroness Thatcher was the first woman Prime Minister and served between 1979 and 1990. In 2002, she suffered a number of strokes and was advised by doctors not to engage in public speaking.
Her premiership was notable for military victory in the Falklands War in 1982 and for transforming the British economy in order to compete with other top nations. Her time as Prime Minister also saw the introduction of policies a... continue reading
Philippines Condemns Seizing of Peacekeepers
The Philippines is strongly condemning a group of Syrian rebels for seizing 21 U.N. peacekeepers in the Golan Heights disengagement area between Syria and Israel.
The country's foreign ministry said in a statement Thursday that the detention of the Filipino peacekeepers is a gross violation of international law.  It also said the government is working with the United Nations, United States, Britain, France and Germany to help free the troops.
Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told reporters that the pe... continue reading

EU Fines Microsoft $731 Million
European Union regulators say they are fining U.S.-based Microsoft Corporation $731 million for violating an agreement to give computer users their choice of web browsers, not force them to use the company's Internet Explorer.
The EU imposed the fine Wednesday - the first time regulators in Brussels ever have fined a company for failing to comply with an agreement reached with European authorities.
The EU's top corporate regulator, Joaquin Almunia, said Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, had been trus... continue reading
North American International Auto Show took place January 14-27, 2013
One of the most prestigious auto shows of the year, North American International Auto Show, took place at Cobo Exhibition Center, One Washington Boulevard, from January 14-27.
It featured a great number of appealing vehicles; from great debuts to futuristic concepts.
The highlights of the show, they depend on the viewer, who likes what. But exotic cars on display that are definitely worth mentioning, were the most expensive car on display, Bentley Mulsanne; Red Bull F1 car, Jaguar XKR, Ferrari F12 and Honda Acur... continue reading

UK government formally launches same-sex marriage legislation in Parliament
The British government formally published legislation today to allow marriage for same-sex couples. The bill is titled the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. MPs would be able to vote on the legislation at the second reading in Parliament on February 5.
Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, said of the legislation to BBC Radio 4: "We feel that marriage is a good thing and we should be supporting more couples to marry." Gay and lesbian couples have been allowed since 2005 to form civil partnerships.
The Coalition fo... continue reading
360 performances & 92 events, welcome to Sydney Festival 2013
The 37th annual three-week-long arts festival, Sydney Festival 2013, took off January 5th and will be doing its best to entertain, educate and celebrate Sydney in summer, until January 27th.
This years trilogy of free outdoor spectacles for the opening night brought 60,000 festival attendees to dance and party in Sydney's famous outdoor venue The Domain. The first-day events included Fun Run (an eccentric comedic marathon), The Arrival of the world's largest and happiest Rubber Duck (and that's a huge one, really... continue reading

Americans Honor Martin Luther King
Americans are honoring the memory of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday with a federal holiday marking his birthday.King was a Baptist preacher who fought discrimination and racism in the 1950s and 1960s, mainly in the southern United States, where blacks were subjected to unequal treatment in society and at times the target of violence.King, an advocate for non-violent protests, was assassinated in 1968 at the age of 39. There is now a monument in his honor in Washington.... continue reading
"You Can Create Tomorrow" poster design competition
The Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts have just announced a poster design challenge with a theme "You Can Create Tomorrow."
The best of the best in each category will be receiving tuition scholarships of up to $3000 for studying at one of Art Institutes numerous schools while the national best will be receiving a full scholarship.
The competition takes place for the 10th time and in two categories - High school seniors and high school graduates/adults. Seniors and graduates are invited to participate fro... continue reading

Egyptians Protest After Panel Approves Draft Constitution
Egyptians have gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square Friday for an eighth straight day of demonstrations against President Mohamed Morsi, as an Islamist-dominated panel approved Egypt's new draft constitution that must now be voted on in a nationwide referendum.  The panel, boycotted by several Christian and liberal members, retained the principles of Islamic law as the main source of legislation. The group hastily rushed through the approval of the 234 articles in a meeting that lasted from Thursday afternoon unt... continue reading
Thousands protest constitutional decree in Tahrir Square, Egypt
An estimated over 100,000 people protested in Tahrir Square yesterday in opposition to a constitutional decree made by Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi. Riot police dispersed the crowd with tear gas as clashes began. One fatality has been reported.
The constitutional decree made November 22 by Morsi protected the constitution drafting body of Egypt from dissolution and also protected executive decisions from being overturned. The decree has sparked protests and strikes reminiscent of protests which eventually toppl... continue reading

Agencies choose yearlong crew for International Space Station
NASA and Roscosmos have chosen the crew for a year long stay at the International Space Station. Data collected may help in future manned exploration of the solar system.
Scott Kelly and Mikhail Korniyenko have been chosen by NASA and Roscosmos respectively. The two are veterans of ISS spaceflight and were chosen for their station experience and skill.
"Their skills and previous experience aboard the space station align with the mission's requirements. The one-year increment will expand the bounds of how we live ... continue reading
Apple Vacations Hawaii Islands SuperSale
The America's Favorite Vacation Company, Apple Vacations announced on November 9, 2012 the biggest sale of the season to the Hawaii Islands. During the SuperSale consumers have the chance to get the best prices to Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.
Everyone who books his or her vacation by November 30, 2012 will be able to save a lot with Apple Vacations' exclusive reduced rates at some of their more noticeable hotels as well as condos. Additionally, during the sale consumers have the chance to get value-added ... continue reading

Astronaut, Cosmonaut Selected for Year in Space
The U.S. and Russian space agencies have selected two men for a one-year mission aboard the International Space Station.  Astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko will head to the orbiting laboratory on a Russian Soyuz rocket in the spring of 2015, and return to Kazakhstan 12 months later.
The mission will include collecting scientific data about how the human body reacts and adapts to weightlessness and other conditions of space.  The information will be used to help reduce the ris... continue reading
New Satellite Images Suggest N. Korea Missile Activity

A satellite imagery company is reporting increased activity at a North Korean launch site, suggesting a long-range missile test could take place in just weeks.The image released Monday by DigitalGlobe shows an increased level of personnel, trucks and other equipment at North Korea's Sohae (West Sea) Satellite Launch Station. DigitalGlobe says if North Korea desires, it could carry out a long-range ballistic missile test at the site in the next three weeks.South Korea's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Cho Tai-Youn... continue reading

18-year-old charged for Thanksgiving lesbian assault
An 18-year-old man, Travis Hawkins Jr., was charged yesterday by police in Mobile County, Alabama, for allegedly beating a woman who is romantically involved with his sister. Hawkins was bailed following a charge for second-degree assault.
Mallory Owens, 23, the victim of the attack, is in the USA Medical Center in Mobile, recovering from the injuries. Owens has had to have facial reconstructive surgery and had a broken nose from the assault during Thanksgiving. Owens' family have told reporters they believe it to... continue reading
Pakistani Taliban Vows to Avenge Mumbai Gunman Execution

The Pakistani Taliban is vowing to avenge India's execution of the sole surviving Pakistani gunman who took part in the 2008 terror attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai.
Mohammed Ajmal Kasab was hanged in western India Wednesday amid secrecy after being convicted of murder and of waging war against India for his role in the attacks that killed 166 people. Kasab, who initially pleaded not guilty, but later confessed to his involvement in the three-day siege, was buried at the jail in the city of Pune, w... continue reading

Millstone Coffee introduces precise bean to cup process
Do you know how coffee is brought to life? Millstone® Coffee introduces their coffee's "bean to cup" journey in a simple to understand manner on their website.
According to the company, the Millstone Coffee’s taste as well as flavor variety is a direct result of their bean to cup process. The process involves a complex method of growing, roasting and blending. Each of their beans has been handpicked  from trees to ensure the quality of the best quality flavor. The trees have been cultivated by coffee farmers.... continue reading
Post Storm, Obama, Romney Alter Campaigning Plans
With one week until election day, U.S. President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, are balancing how to make their final pitches to voters while tens of millions of people along the country's east coast deal with a massive storm.Both candidates have canceled their planned Tuesday appearances, instead focusing their messages on storm victims and calling for donations to relief organizations.​The storm's impact includes several political battleground states that analysts say are key to th... continue reading

Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi found guilty of fraud
Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was yesterday found guilty of tax fraud and sentenced to four years in prison, which was reduced to one year because of a law passed by Mr Berlusconi which aimed to reduce overcrowding of prisons.
The fraud relates to the purchase of television film rights by a company owned by Mr Berlusconi, Mediaset, which the company then re-sold at exaggerated prices. Although sentenced to one year in prison, Mr Berlusconi, 76, might not serve the one-year sentence because there ... continue reading
NFL quarterback partners with Belk
NFL quarterback Cam Newton has partnered with Charlotte-based Belk, to launch an exclusive line of men's apparel. It will be available in all of Belk's stores across the southeast as well as on belk.com by spring 2013. By fall 2013 the line will also be including accessories and shoes.
According to John Thomas, Belk executive vice president of private brands, MADE Cam Newton joins Belk's 20 private brands that seek to satisfy the modern Southern lifestyle. "We are thrilled to be able to partner with one of today’s... continue reading

Earth-sized Planet Discovered in Alpha Centauri System
Astronomers in Europe have discovered the first-ever planet with a mass similar to Earth and orbiting a star like the Sun. And, in galactic terms, it’s right next door.The unnamed planet is in the Alpha Centauri star system, the nearest system to Earth, according to the European Southern Observatory (ESO).“This result represents a major step towards the detection of a twin Earth in the immediate vicinity of the Sun. We live in exciting times!” said Xavier Dumusque of the Geneva Observatory and Centro de Astrofisica... continue reading
Renowned Turkish Pianist on Trial for Insulting Islam
A world-renowned Turkish pianist is on trial on charges of inciting religious hatred and insulting Islam in comments he made on Twitter in April.Fazil Say appeared in an Istanbul courtroom Thursday to defend himself against the charges, which stemmed from several tweets making jokes about Muslims.  If convicted, he faces up to 18 months in prison.Say has served as cultural ambassador for the European Union and has performed with several orchestras, including the New York Philharmonic and the Berlin Symphony Or... continue reading

The J.M. Smucker Company out with new Pillsbury Home-Baked Desserts
The J.M. Smucker Company has just announced new Pillsbury seasonal varieties and baking kits. The new products have come out just time time for the autumn season and is meant to celebrate your favorite welcome to autumn days, autumn days filled with color.
"The return of fall colors and flavors is always something we look forward to, and this year is no exception," said Maribeth Badertscher, Vice President, Corporate Communications, The J.M. Smucker Company.
The new flavors they are introducing are Pillsbury Funf... continue reading
Actress Julie Bowen the face of "Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis" campaign
Julie Bowen, the Emmy-winning actress, has joined Mylan Specialty L.P. to launch health awareness initiative called "Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis".
Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that can be triggered by food allergies, certain medications as well as insect stings. Bowen's own son was diagnosed with allergies to peanuts, walnuts and bee stings, only after experiencing anaphylactic reaction as a toddler.
Now, through the "Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis" campaign they are trying to increase aware... continue reading

Electric vehicles can be less green than classic fuel cars, Norwegian study finds
A Norwegian University of Science and Technology study released Thursday found electric vehicles have a potential for higher eco-toxicity and greenhouse impact than conventional cars. The study includes an examination of the electric cars' life cycle as a whole rather than a study of the electric cars' environmental impact during the use phase.
The researchers conducted a comparison of the environmental impact of electric cars in view of different ratios of green to fuel electricity energy sources. In the case of ... continue reading
Obama, Romney spar in first 2012 U.S. presidential debate
U.S. President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney sparred Wednesday evening during the first of three presidential debates leading up to the 2012 election.
According to Nielson, approximately 67.2 million people tuned in to the 90-minute debate moderated by Jim Lehrer of PBS as President Obama, the Democratic nominee, and Romney, the Republican nominee, exchanged jabs on domestic policy and the U.S. economy. Viewership increased 28% from the first 2008 presidential debate, which had an audi... continue reading

California passes law banning gay-to-straight therapy
California Governor Jerry Brown Saturday signed into law a bill banning licensed mental health providers treating teenagers and children from attempting "to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex".
In a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle, Governor Brown described the bill: "This bill bans non-scientific 'therapies' that have driven young people to depression and suicide. These practices have no basis in s... continue reading
Photo of you and your sandwich could land you a check for $15 000
Smucker's Uncrustables, together with Kristi Yamaguchi, recently announced the contest for the chance to win an unstoppable family adventure. The contest was launched August 15 and is open for submissions through November 1, 2012.
The winner of the contest will be receiving a year's supply of Smucker's Uncrustables sandwiches and of course, a check for $15 000 toward an Unstoppable Family Adventure.
Simply upload a photo of you enjoying Smucker's® Uncrustables® sandwiches in your family adventures and write a 1... continue reading

Iranian news agency reproduces The Onion article
The Fars News Agency (FNA), an Iranian news agency, yesterday reported an article from US satirical news website The Onion as fact. The article reports "a Gallup poll" suggesting "the overwhelming majority of rural white Americans" would prefer to vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, as opposed to US President Barack Obama. The Onion article reports "77 percent of rural Caucasian voters" saying they would prefer to drink beer with Ahmadinejad or attend a baseball game with him.
Fictional West Virgi... continue reading
Saakashvili: Georgia Election to Decide 'Important and Crucial' Question
Georgian President President Mikhail Saakashvili says Monday's parliamentary election will decide a very important and crucial question about the country's future.
Voters will choose candidates for 150 seats in parliament. Georgia has changed the constitution to give the prime minister many of the powers now held by the president. Parliament will name a new prime minister next year after Mr. Saakashvili's second and last presidential term ends.
Monday's election pits Saakashvili's ruling United National Movement ... continue reading

Nicky Oppenheimer to receive Lifetime Achievement Award
Nicky Oppenheimer, South African businessman, chairman of De Beers Group, will be honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the inaugural JNA Awards. He will be recognised for his significant contribution to the diamond business, particularly in Asia.
The awards show will be held at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong  couple of weeks from now, on Thursday, September 20, 2012.
The JNA Awards is organizer by Jewellery News Asia (JNA) in partnership with UBM Awards and is presented in collaboration with Ri... continue reading
Obama Honors US Troops on Iraq Anniversary
U.S. President Barack Obama has marked the second anniversary of the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq by thanking soldiers and their families for their sacrifices.

During his weekly address Saturday, Obama spoke of his visit to Fort Bliss, Texas Friday, where he congratulated the soldiers on their accomplishments.

The president also said progress has been made against the Taliban in Afghanistan, but more difficult work lies ahead. He said the U.S. is on track to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in 2014... continue reading

US Special Forces Suspend Training of Afghans
The U.S. military in Afghanistan says it has temporarily halted the training of Afghan Local Police in order to redo the vetting of current members after a string of attacks by Afghan soldiers and police on their international allies.

Forty-five international troops have been killed in a wave of insider attacks in Afghanistan this year, throwing doubt on the ability of Afghan and coalition forces to live and work together during a key time in the transition to Afghan control of security. International forces ar... continue reading
Team Anna’s fast is starting from 25 July, Anna is coming to support
Social activist Anna Hajare is coming to Delhi on Tuesday for supporting Team Anna. Members of Team Anna scheduled to go on indefinite fast. The fast would be starting from 25 July against corruption at Jantar Mantar, Delhi.
This time senior members of the Team will start fast. The list includes Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Gopal Rai. Anna Hajare is suffering from ill health so he is not doing fast in this event. However he will be on the stage for supporting their members and also convey their messages to ... continue reading

Clintons, Former First Lady Laura Bush to Attend International AIDS Conference
About 25,000 of world's top AIDS researchers, political leaders, diplomats and other stakeholders are gathering for Sunday's International AIDS Conference.
The biennial conference will take place July 22-27 in Washington, a city faced with one of the United States' highest rates of HIV infections. The HIV virus usually leads to AIDS.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton and former first lady Laura Bush will speak at the conference. Other high-level speakers include World Bank Presiden... continue reading
UN Alarmed Over Sharp Rise in Grain Prices
A 20-percent spike in maize and wheat prices in just the past three weeks is raising concerns with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
FAO economist Shukri Ahmed said the increase in price was sharp and sudden. He said that until May, experts were hoping for a huge increase in worldwide maize production.
The FAO Global Information and Early Warning System issued a bulletin Friday saying that drought in the United States is helping push up prices, while hot, dry weather in the Black Sea reg... continue reading

Share Your Simple and win prizes
The R.W. Knudsen Family has just launched the Share Your Simple Promotion to celebrate the simple things in life. To take part of the competition, all you need to do is check out their Facebook page and share a tip on how to make life simple.
Life can sometimes be complicated, we all know that, but they also say that life's only as complicated you manage to make it. Share Your Simple campaign has been launched just for that, to celebrate the simple things in life.
And what can be simpler than sharing your simple... continue reading
The Lancet study suggests inactivity now as deadly as smoking
A report published by public-health journal The Lancet suggests living a sedentary lifestyle is now as-fatal for individuals as smoking. Compiled by 33 research workers, the report speaks of a "pandemic" in which an estimated one-in-three adults worldwide are inactive, leading to approximately 5.3 million fatalities from this.
Research for The Lancet established people in higher-income countries are more inactive than those where lower incomes prevail. The study indicated nearly two-in-three adults in the United K... continue reading

Australian Gliders beat Germany women's national wheelchair basketball team
Earlier today at the Sport Centre at the Sydney Olympic Park, the Australian Gliders beat the Germany women's national wheelchair basketball team 53–45.
Germany took an early lead in the game after winning the opening tip-off. They pulled ahead 5–0 before Australia was able to answer back with a two point shot by 3 point player Sarah Stewart. Australia went on a 16-point unanswered scoring run, beating Germany 16–5 with 1:21 left in the first before the Germans were able to score off a basketball by Gesche Schünem... continue reading
First Space Shuttle Goes on Public Display
Thursday marks the beginning of a new mission for the U.S. space shuttle Enterprise, as it goes on public display at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City.The nation's first space shuttle is housed in an inflatable dome, suspended about 300 centimeters in the air above the deck of the refurbished World War II-era aircraft carrier, allowing visitors a chance to walk under underneath the huge vehicle, which boasts a 23-meter wingspan."The Enterprise allows us to really offer such a beauty and such a... continue reading

Bulgaria Releases Video of Suspected Suicide Bomber
Authorities in Bulgaria have released video footage of a man they suspect carried out Wednesday's deadly suicide attack on a bus carrying Israeli tourists. Bulgaria's Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said Thursday that the suspected bomber, wearing shorts and carrying a backpack, looked like any other tourist. While the suspect has not been identified, Tsvetanov said he was carrying a fake driver's license from the U.S. state of Michigan.Investigators have the suspect's fingerprints and are testing his remains f... continue reading
The pleasingly strange debut “With Us” is set for release September 18th on Surfdog Records. Recorded in LA at EastWest studios, produced by Adam Traub and Grammy Award winning producer Tom Biller, mixed by Dave Darling (Tom Waits, Jack Johnson, Brian Setzer) with additional remixes by Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers, Sublime, U2, Meat Puppets, Pepper).  The band ended up in the same room that ‘Pet Sounds” was tracked in 40 years prior. There was an intense energy throughout the recording process. Periodically, F... continue reading

DuPont Calls for Common Food Security Metrics
DuPont, world-class science and engineering company established in 1802, commissioned the Global Food Security Index to have a global way of measuring food security as well as the impact of investments and collaborations at the local level. The Index was launched on July 10, 2012, by the Economist Intelligence Unit, also known as EIU.
According to Leo Abruzzese, Economist Intelligence Unit Global Forecasting Director, the main goal of the Global Food Security Index is to measure levels of food security. And that c... continue reading
Chelsea F.C. captain John Terry cleared of racial abuse charge
In England, John Terry, captain of the Chelsea football team, has been found not guilty of a racially aggravated public order offence. Terry had been accused of racially abusing Queens Park Rangers (QPR) defender Anton Ferdinand, another football player, as a match between Chelsea and QPR was in progress.
Terry, who had said he was "angry and upset" about the allegations, was alleged to have said the words "fucking black cunt" in an insulting manner to Ferdinand. During the trial at Westminster Magistrates' Court,... continue reading

Green Party of the United States nominates Jill Stein for president
Jill Stein, a Massachusetts physician, won the 2012 presidential nomination of the Green Party of the United States yesterday at the party's national convention in Baltimore. Per her request, Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign national coordinator Cheri Honkala of Minnesota was selected as her running mate.
Stein, who previously ran as the Green Party's nominee for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, when she lost to current Republican presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, had secured the party's presidential ... continue reading
As more evidence surfaces that whale watching tours are having a negative impact on individuals and populations of whales and dolphins, a new coalition of whale and dolphin watching companies from across the world is launching a unique partnership to do something about it.
To see a dolphin or whale in the wild is one of the greatest experiences that nature has to offer. Regularly rated by the public in opinion polls in the top ten of ‘100 things to do before you die’, an encounter with these spectacular marine mam... continue reading

Egyptian Presidential Election Results Delayed
Egypt's Election Commission says it has delayed Thursday's planned announcement of the results of a runoff presidential vote while it continues to review appeals from the two candidates, hiking tension as allegations of fraud mounted.
The commission said Wednesday that judges are still looking into some 400 complaints of alleged campaign violations and disputed vote counting submitted by Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, and his rival, former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq.
No new date to announce a ... continue reading
Clinton: Military Must Hand Power to Egypt Presidential Winner
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Egypt's military must "fulfill its promise" to turn over power to the winner of a presidential runoff vote, as the country's election commission has delayed Thursday's planned announcement of the results.
In an interview with journalist Charlie Rose broadcast Wednesday night, Clinton called the military's actions during the past week "clearly troubling."
The ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has declared an interim constitution that gives its generals and the ... continue reading

Darcy Richardson to seek Reform Party presidential nomination
Darcy Richardson, the historian who challenged U.S. President Barack Obama in several 2012 Democratic Party primary races, has notified Wikinews he will now "actively seek" the presidential nominations of the Reform Party of the United States of America and several third parties with single-state ballot access.
Richardson initially ran as a progressive alternative to Obama, concerned largely with the president's economic policies. Discussing his qualms in detail during a November 2011 Wikinews interview, Richardso... continue reading
North Korean Patrol Ship Spotted Near Sea Border
South Korean news outlets say a North Korean patrol vessel sailed within the vicinity of the maritime border that separates the two rivals. Information obtained from South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff says the vessel sailed in close proximity to the Northern Limit Line early Tuesday morning, near the northeastern coast of Gangwon Province.  The JCS issued an order to reinforce patrols in the area, and all South Korean fishing vessels to evacuate.  The North Korean vessel did not enter South Korean t... continue reading

Egypt's Mubarak on Life Support
Egyptian security sources say ousted president Hosni Mubarak is unconscious and on a respirator after being rushed from prison to a military hospital following a stroke. Military officials said early Wednesday that Mubarak, who was taken to Maadi Hospital in southern Cairo, was "using artificial respiration."Earlier reports by the state news agency MENA said Mubarak's doctors had declared the former leader "clinically dead," but the military said it was too early to make that designation.Some Mubarak supporters gat... continue reading
Give the suit off your back!
June 27, 2012, is the day when you can see local, attractive men, on the streets around the country, dressed only in boxers, socks, dress shoes and ties. Women looking with their mouths open, asking their husbands standing next to them, "why can't you look like that?"
The streets are crowded with teams of very attractive half-naked models promoting Men's Wearhouse Fifth Annual National Suit Drive to convince men to give the suits off their backs.
National Suit Drive is an annual campaign run by Men's Wearhouse, ... continue reading

Global Opinion of President Obama, US Mixed
A new international opinion poll indicates that U.S. President Barack Obama and his policies are more favorably regarded in Europe than in the Muslim world.
The U.S.-based Pew Research Center conducted a survey of people living in 21 nations and found that attitudes towards the U.S. are generally more positive now than in 2008, when Obama was elected.  The center said the biggest improvements in America's image have occurred among Europeans, but that in a number of "strategically important" Muslim nations Ame... continue reading
Louisiana State University loses spot in college world series
Louisiana State University's (LSU's) baseball team lost against the Stony Brook Seawolves on Sunday in game 3 of the Baton Rouge Super Regional. The final score was 7–2. This loss closed out LSU's chances to compete in the US College World Series, but will send the Seawolves to compete in that major event.
Game 1 of the series included a 19-hour rain delay, but ultimately, LSU won that game 5–4. The game was a loss for Stony Brook pitcher Frankie Vanderka. Game 3, however, gave Vanderka an opportunity to redeem hi... continue reading

Kosmala's 2012 Games inclusion highlights Australian Paralympians' longevity
Libby Kosmala’s selection in the Australian shooting team for the 2012 London Paralympics highlights age is not a barrier in the Paralympics. Celebrating her seventieth birthday in early July, expected to set a record for most appearances at her eleventh Games, Kosmala is likely to be the oldest athlete in attendance.
Her first Games were the 1972 Heidelberg Games competing in swimming and athletics events and winning a bronze medal in the mixed medley relay. Kosmala then switched to shooting and between 1976–1988... continue reading
Kenyan helicopter crash kills security minister
A helicopter crash at the edge of Nairobi, Kenya has killed six. Amongst the dead is internal security minister George Saitoti, a candidate in next year's presidential election.
Saitoti, 66, played a major role in Kenya opting to send troops into Somalia last year in a bid to combat al-Shabaab. His deputy Joshua Orwa Ojonde is also dead, alongside both pilots and two bodyguards.
The aircraft had not long departed Wilson Airport when it went down into a Kibuku District forest. One witness saw the helicopter "flyin... continue reading

Johnson Controls Empire State Building Efficiency
The first year after the retrofit project of Empire State Building has passed and the results are in. The retrofit project improvement measures performed by Johnsons Controls and Jones Lang LaSalle exceeded the guaranteed energy-efficiency by 5 percent.
“First and foremost, making the Empire State Building energy efficient was a sound business decision that saved us millions of dollars in the first year,” said Anthony Malkin of the Empire State Building Company.
During the innovative retrofit all 6500 windows we... continue reading
Putin signs law inceasing fines for illegal protestors
President Vladimir Putin of Russia today signed a new law increasing the fines available against those involved in unlawful protests, overriding concerns from his human rights advisor and the Council of Europe.
The measure was proposed by ruling United Russia after May 7 protests coinciding with Putin's third inauguration saw clashes between protestors and police, with 400 arrests. The United Russia-dominated State Duma voted 241–147 in favour earlier this week, ahead of a protest scheduled for Russia Day, June 12... continue reading

Kenyan helicopter crash kills security minister
A helicopter crash at the edge of Nairobi, Kenya has killed six. Amongst the dead is internal security minister George Saitoti, a candidate in next year's presidential election.
Saitoti, 66, played a major role in Kenya opting to send troops into Somalia last year in a bid to combat al-Shabaab. His deputy Joshua Orwa Ojonde is also dead, alongside both pilots and two bodyguards.
The aircraft had not long departed Wilson Airport when it went down into a Kibuku District forest. One witness saw the helicopter "flyin... continue reading
China Plans Expanded Internet Controls
Chinese Internet censors are considering widening their control over what is posted on the country's popular microblog websites and other online forums.
The government released a list of proposed changes to its Internet law  Thursday, that aim to put greater pressure on social media websites to crack down on users posting anonymous comments.
China has recently intensified Internet controls by requiring real name registration for nearly all of the country's microblog services on a city-by-city basis. But with... continue reading

Wisconsin Voters Deciding Whether to Remove Governor
Residents in Wisconsin have voted in a recall election that could force the state's Republican governor out of office. Exit polls indicate that the outcome could be very close. Governor Scott Walker is fighting to keep Milwaukee's Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett from taking his job. Walker defeated Barrett in the 2010 general election.  Shortly after taking office, Walker pushed through a law that sharply curtailed the right of most government employees to bargain for pay raises and other benefits, angering union... continue reading
The spread of Jif Hazelnut Spreads
Jif, #1 peanut butter brand, has come out with two new Hazelnut spreads and is proud to introduce them to the world. The new hazelnut spreads are as delicious as Jif products have ever been, they feature creamy hazelnut in their spreads as the star ingredient. The two new spreads are called Jif Chocolate Flavored Hazelnut Spread and Jif Mocha Cappuccino Flavored Hazelnut Spread. If you love sweets, then these are definitely spreads you want to check out for yourself. The new Jif hazelnut spreads are now available w... continue reading

Former Ukraine PM Yulia Tymoshenko to end hunger strike
Yevgenia Tymoshenko has announced her mother, former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, is to end her hunger strike after nineteen days. Yulia's lawyer, Serhiy Vlasenko, cited "what is happening in the country and what is happening to her in prison" as reasons for her commencing her fast.
The politician is serving a seven-year sentence for abuse of office arising from a gas deal with Russia while she was Prime Minister. She has accused jail guards of assaulting her while transporting her to a hospital agai... continue reading
Former Rival Rick Santorum Endorses Romney
Former U.S. presidential candidate Rick Santorum has endorsed Mitt Romney, his one-time bitter rival for the 2012 Republican Party nomination. 
In a letter e-mailed to his supporters late Monday night and posted on his campaign website, Santorum says he reached his decision after a face-to-face meeting with Romney last week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Santorum says he was impressed with Romney's "deep understanding" of the need to promote initiatives he says will preserve the family as "the basic buil... continue reading

MATT SORUM About Guns N' Roses and the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Induction
Following is the official statement from Matt Sorum
Dear Friends and Fans of Guns N’ Roses,
I am releasing this statement to bring closure to the night’s events at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, and to all things Guns N’ Roses. This will alleviate numerous press statements and interviews about the subject, which I have already addressed on my Twitter.
In these last few months since getting notice about being inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, many emotions and feelings have gone through my head and hea... continue reading
'We Mean Business': Commission launches campaign to boost work placements
Brussels, 17 April 2012 - The European Commission today launches the "We Mean Business" campaign, which aims to encourage companies to create more trainee placements to boost young people's skills and employability. At the same time, traineeships can help young people make a smooth transition from education and training to a first good job. Placements can also bring benefits to companies, enabling them to identify potentially excellent future employees who could, with their fresh ideas, be key to future productivit... continue reading

Hungarian President Quits in Plagiarism Scandal

Hungary's President Pal Schmitt has resigned after being stripped of his doctorate over plagiarism.
Mr. Schmitt, who was elected to his largely ceremonial office in 2010, said he was stepping down because, in his words, “my personal issue divides my beloved nation rather than unites it.”
Last week, Budapest's Semmelweis University revoked his 1992 doctorate after finding that much of his thesis about the modern Olympic Games had been copied from works of other authors.
Mr. Schmitt won gold medals for fencing a... continue reading
James Murdoch Resigns Amid British Phone-Hacking Probe
James Murdoch has resigned as chairman of British satellite pay TV group BSkyB, saying he did not want his association with a phone-hacking scandal to damage the company.
In a letter to the BSkyB board, Murdoch said he resigned because of the negative publicity surrounding News Corp, a part owner of BSkyB.
News Corp's British newspaper arm, News International, is under investigation in the hacking scandal.
Murdoch, the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, said his resignation will help ensure there is no confusion... continue reading

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art buys Edward Hopper valued at over $25 million
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has purchased the painting "Intermission," by American artist Edward Hopper. The piece, created in 1963, is one of the last paintings created by Hopper.
Hopper's realist style, which visually examined American urban and rural life in the first half of the 20th century, made him one of the most influential and important American artists of the modern era. The painting, which was sold by a private collector, is believed to be valued at over $25 million.
"Intermission"... continue reading
Rosario Dawson Joins Amtrak To Celebrate National Train Day
Rosario Dawson, American actress, writer, singer and philanthropist has joined Amtrak as a spokesperson for the 5th Annual National Train Day. She's known for movies such as Men In Black II, Unstoppable, Sin City and Death Proof. Just to mention couple of names you might recognize.
She's going to host a signature event on Saturday, May 12, 2012 - the date for the National Train Day. It's a holiday started by Amtrak back in 2008 to educate the general public about the advantages of rail travel and the history of t... continue reading

Rocky Anderson for president of United States?
Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson announced yesterday that he will seek the U.S. presidential nomination of Americans Elect, an independent organization hoping to field a nonpartisan presidential ticket. Anderson is already the nominee of the Justice Party, which he founded late last year.
Anderson served as mayor of Salt Lake City from 2000 to 2008 as a Democrat. During his time in office, he enacted proposals to reduce the city's carbon emissions and reformed its criminal justice system. After leaving o... continue reading
Successful International Auction Raises Hopes for Cambodia's Artists
Cambodia has held its first international art auction, with the backing of the well-known art house, Christie’s. Though Khmer antiquities are highly sought-after on the global stage, the country’s modern art remains relatively unknown.
Madeleine de Langalerie has watched the country’s art scene slowly grow over the last decade and a half. When the French journalist first moved there about 15 years ago, she saw talent in the work of young artists, but originality was more difficult to find.
“I think at the very be... continue reading

Sandra Fluke insists she will not be silenced
In an opinion piece published by CNN on Tuesday, Georgetown University law student and women's rights advocate Sandra Fluke insisted she will not allow slurs from critics to silence her and other women from continuing to speak out on issues regarding women's health and contraception.
Fluke has faced slurs and personal attacks after speaking before the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee in the United States House of Representatives about women’s health and contraception. She was called a "slut" and a "p... continue reading
When the world celebrated the International Women's Day
March 08, 2012, Countries around the world were marking International Women's Day, celebrating the gains made by women in business, politics and education. But United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says those gains are not enough.In a statement Thursday, the U.N. chief warned the world still has "a long way to go" before women and girls universally enjoy the same fundamental rights and freedoms as men. The secretary-general said the disparity is especially troubling for women and girls in rural areas, w... continue reading

Nelson Mandela Hospitalized for Stomach Complaint
Former South African president Nelson Mandela has been hospitalized for a longstanding abdominal condition.
South African President Jacob Zuma said in a statement that Mandela was admitted to the hospital Saturday. His spokesman Max Maharaj explained this was not an emergency.“Mandela has been admitted to hospital this morning. He has had a long-standing abdominal complaint and it needs proper specialist medical attention,” said the spokesman.Maharaj has urged that the privacy of the 93-year-old Nobel Peace Prize ... continue reading
Live Famously with Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton has teamed up with LEAN POCKETS® and together they have decided to offer one of you the chance to live famously in the new year for one day.
Perez Hilton is known for giving millions of his fans a peek into how the celebrities live. He is doing that at his blog perezhilton.com, previouly at PageSixSixSix.com. It was named "Hollywood's Most-Hated Website" by The Insider. Why? Perez Hilton is known for increasing coverage of celebrities in all forms of media, mainly gossip items and... continue reading

Polish Nobel Laureate Dies
Polish Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska has died at the age of 88.Authorities say the reclusive poet passed away Wednesday evening of lung cancer at her home in Krakow.Syzmborska's style has been described as reflective and playful because of her approach to serious subjects such as war in Poland, death and torture.She had published dozens of poems prior to winning the 1996 Nobel Prize for Literature.The Associated Press says she had been working on several poems that an associate of Syzmborska says will be publis... continue reading
'Stop being so damn respectful' say free speech supporters in London
Atheists, secularists and supporters of free speech rallied in London today to protest what they feel is an "increased confidence of Islamists to censor free expression publicly". Around 200 people gathered on the steps of the memorial to King George V in Old Palace Yard opposite the House of Lords in Westminster.
Anne Marie Waters from the 'One Law for All' group, which protests against sharia law in the United Kingdom, said that freedom of expression was "the greatest freedom we have" and included "the freedom t... continue reading

Casey Abrams for IBD awareness
Nearly 1.4 million Americans are suffering from IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), trying to live their lives the same way people without it do, without fear of the disease to stay on their way. Casey Abrams, contestant for Season 10 of American Idol, is one of them. He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC) about tow years ago, but he wasn't ready to let the disease hold him back in any way. And he finished Season 10 in sixth place. Even though the season didn't go without UC complications.
Now he is again ask... continue reading
Pure Maple Syrup stars for Liver Health
Recent research revealed that Pure Maple Syrup may be beneficial to your health. According to a recent research conducted by Dr. Keiko Abe from the University of Tokyo, there might be a surprising way of keeping your liver healthy - usage of pure maple syrup in your diet. According to this study, Pure maple syrup may promote a healthy liver. Additionally, a research conducted before this one, at University of Rhode Island, found more than 20 compounds in maple syrup that have been linked to human health. So we are ... continue reading

Susan Lucci: AFib risks are real
Let's talk about numbers - the fact is that more than 2.3 million Americans are living with atrial fibrillation (AFib). Among them is TV star Susan Lucci's Husband, Helmut Huber, who was diagnosed more than a decade ago. Lucci is doing as much as she can to learn more about AFib for the sake of helping her husband manage this condition. Together they are trying to raise awareness about atrial fibrillation and its connection to stroke.
What is AFib?
In its simplest terms, AFib or atrial fibrillation is irregular ... continue reading
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Video: Movie Lady Reviews 'Date Night'
A dream date between husband and wife quickly turns into a nightmare night on the town. FOX13's Movie Lady Linn Sitler chimes in on the new romantic comedy 'Date Night,' starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey.... continue reading