Micro Ads lead to Megabucks!

Micro Ads lead to Megabucks!


Do you want to promote your web site or product for 5 years for a $1 a pixel?


Sounds good, doesn’t it? It sure got me interested! My curiosity led me to a website called PixelBay.org. Their site is cool. It is designed like a grid of squares. Each square in the grid that has been sold has a symbol on the pixel that provides a clue to the content of the site. If you click on it, you can directly link to the website of the advertiser. If you move your mouse over the pixel, a small description about the site pops up. One pixel had a black background with a white dot embedded in it. It turned out to be an advertisement of a freshwater cultured pearl jewelers website! The site is full of such cute and unique symbols.


The cost for an ad placement using the pixel-based micro-ads is $1 a pixel, with a minimum 100-pixel purchase. The ad stays on the site for five years. If an advertiser buys a 100-pixel ad, it appears as a small square in the grid of small squares on the site's front page. The site guarantees that it will be online for 5 years or at least until 26th September 2010. PixelBay.org is the brainchild of Bob Cefail, who is the founder of InTouch Media Group.


Now, there are two burning questions on everyone’s mind. The first one is “How does it work?” and more importantly the second one is “Has it worked?”


Addressing the first one, the site is banking on the fact that people are naturally curious about what sites one will go to if they click on an interesting looking Pixel.

Intouch Media Group also plans to use some of the most powerful promotional tools ever developed including paid search advertising involving Google and ITMG’s own breakthrough publicity service called Press Direct to continuously drive traffic to the PixelBay homepage. It is interesting to note that Touch Media Group, recently received the highest rating given by Google for search engine marketing expertise.

They have also come up with another unique marketing strategy! Pixel Bay runs special “hide and go seek contests” where they give away prizes for people to find a particular advertiser on Pixel Bay. These contests run every week and have a time limit. Exciting prizes are given away for contestants. This is a win-win situation because the featured advertiser is promoted heavily.

Now coming to the second part, it was claimed that nearly 100 media outlets picked up the first release in the first day! And that many of the advertisers who bought the ads have reported tremendous volume shifts. Till date, they have sold 74500 pixels and there are still 925500 pixels available. So if you have a website or a product to promote, go grab one! (http://www.pixelbay.org/index.php)

If you don’t, then simply enter the contest and win an exciting prize! This week’s prize is a wonderful vacation package!!! ( http://www.pixelbay.org/contest.php)

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