War of the Nations: over the Internet

Feeling a little patriotic today? Go and battle for your country on the Internet. I am not kidding... in this age of the Internet anything is possible! and I mean anything! Some new and strange opportunities have been made possible by the power and range of the Internet in this new millennium.


Welcome to the first online battle of nations! The idea was a result of a routine brainstorming session of a group of young people who run a small online marketing agency. They have come up with this very first Internet battle, called the ‘Webattle’.


Anyone can participate in this online battle be it an individual or business. The site offers exciting prizes for both.


‘Individuals’ can have their names go down in history as ‘one of the Victorious’ in the first Internet Webattle. In addition, they will also enjoy added traffic at their personal website through the link that they provide to the site when they vote. Simultaneously, they can increase their odds of winning a paid vacation to Las Vegas , USA !


And yes, as a bonus they can get a great feeling of knowing that a super duper charitable donation is made to a great charity in their winning country.


Business can look forward to all of the above. In addition, the site claims to have a team member focused exclusively on making sure that this site has a high page ranking on search engines, which means more traffic for business sites that are buying votes and adding links.


Now we come to the most important part……What do you play for? Well, not only does the winning country achieve ‘Webattle World Domination’, but the winning country will also receive $200,000 in donations to one of its national charities. Webattle also rewards one of the lucky voters for that country, by awarding him or her a paid vacation to Las Vegas for 2 people including a 4 nights at the luxury Bellagio Hotel & Casino, 2 show tickets, limousine from and to the airport and $1,000 for food, beverages and shopping.


The webattle will be completed once they have accumulated a million votes! At that time the site will announce the winners: the country, who gets the charitable donation, and individual voter who has won the luxury Las Vegas vacation.


The Webattle website is guaranteed to be online for the next decade – that is at least till November 1, 2015. However, their goal is to keep the site going forever – or at least as they claim, as long as is humanly possible for them.


How do you buy votes? Right now votes are sold in blocks of 10 that means for $10 you can get 1 block of 10 votes (so it translates to $1 for each vote). This is due to some terms of banking institutions. So if you don’t want to spend $10 you have to find a few like-minded people to buy a block of vote. Be sure to have a perfect understanding with them. Ideally, draw up a legal contract just in case you get lucky and win!


There are two fast and easy ways to buy your Votes: PayPal – great for smaller amounts (between 10 and 2000 votes) and Wire Transfer – ideal for larger amounts ($1000 and above). 


Once you've bought your Votes, you have to send them a link via email to your personal or business website, which must begin with http:// and also let them know the country you're voting for!


You are required to pay a deposit of 10% via any of the above methods in case you want your link to go live faster. Current time for the link to go live is between 24 to 48 hours.


Right now they have sold 310 votes and 999,690 votes are still available. Yes, and in case you were wondering, USA is on top of the list with 80 votes, close behind are France in second position with 60 votes and China and Australia sharing the third position with 40 votes!


Do you think this will work? Will the patriotism fever catch on? Your guess is as good as mine.


What will they think of next?!!!


Check out their website here: http://www.webattle.com

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