Cheer up Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon Fans!

There is one more reason for kids to smile this holiday season. Hasbro will now make it possible for kids to take episodes of their favorite shows like "Sponge Bob Square Pants", "Dexter's Laboratory", “Jimmy Neutron”, “Billy and Mandy” and many more with them anywhere they go.


Hasbro's Tiger Electronics will carry programs of kids' cable television channels Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network on its new portable VUGO multi-media device.


The VUGO system’s 128 MB memory can carry 1 hour of video, 6 hours of music or 12000 photos. You can record or download your favorite shows, music or pictures on the VUGO multimedia system and watch it on a 3” color backlit screen.


Currently the site offers downloads ranging from  $0.99 to $2.99 per episode. A broadband (DSL/cable) Internet connection is recommended or rather required for downloading content from VUGO.com.


With a Broadband Internet (cable/DSL), you can download content in over 15 seconds whereas with Dialup (56K), you require over 3.5 hours. A 30-minute video episode can take up to 15 minutes to transfer from your computer to your VUGO.


You can currently purchase your VUGO from stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Kmart or KB Toys or online from etoys.com, boardgames.com and other sites or from their website.


Link to their website: http://www.hasbro.com/tigertoys/


It is currently priced for $119.99 on their website.


Learn more about VUGO at: www.vugo.com


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