belVita Power Up Pros - who?

Meet Anna Hovet, Katie Rodgers, Luke Holden, Marjan Tehrani, Meagain Cignoli, Patricia Moreno, Paul Giunta and of course, The Nom Nom Truck team! If you were to ask what does a fashion designer have to do with a truck team or celebrity photographer with the owner of Luke's Lobsters, it would be a really good question. But the answer is rather simple. belVita Breakfast has partnered up with cultural tastemakers from across the U.S. to introduce and promote belVita Breakfast lifestyle and the morning energy it gives you. These tastemakers together are called belVita "Power Up Pros".

belVita Breakfast Biscuits are a new kind of breakfast developed to provide nutritious sustained energy to your body for the whole morning. The biscuits are available in supermarkets across U.S. It's your time to taste the lightly sweet crunchy breakfast biscuits to give your body the energy it deserves, every morning.


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