Women Artists at Bukowskis Contemporary on May 23

While the top-selling dead artists in contemporary auctions are still mainly male, like Sam Francis, Willem de Koonig, Öyvind Fahlström and Ola Billgren, the women are not far behind anymore. After centuries of being more behind the main scenes without getting the recognition they deserve, female artists have started to gain more and more recognition with each year. Good examples from recent years are Yayoi Kusama and Cindy Sherman.

Now, however, the change of women in arts becoming more visible has finally also moved on to the more conservative commercical arenas and on Bukowskis Contemporary on May 23, quite a few already known alive, and still kicking, female artists are presenting their art items.

Some of them are Cecilia Edefalk whose painting Baby was sold at Bukowskis in 2010 for SEK 6 million, making it the most expensive work by contemporary women that year. Mamma Andersson, Swedish artist whose work has been sold out in Galleries from London to New York at record speeds, and who is Sweden's most highly-priced living artist, will also be represented.

Other conteporary female artists to be featured in the Bukowskis Contemporary on 23 May, 2012, are Maria Friberg and Linn Fernström.

Bukowskis Contemporary starts on 23 May at 10 am and all art lovers are welcomed to monitor and bid at the auction at www.bukowskis.com.

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