Celebrity smile now available for everyone - with Invisalign Teen

If you want get yourself a Hollywood smile like young actor/musician Jimmy Bennett or why not actress Zendaya Coleman has, Invisalign Teen makes it possible. Without the challenges and hassles of the metal braces.

"I find that many of my patients want to achieve their own Hollywood smile and, like the celebrities they admire, are looking for a way to straighten their teeth while maintaining their lifestyle and confidence during treatment," said Dr. Gilbert Snow of Snow Orthodontics.

After having treated young celebrities as part of the Invisalign Teen studio program at his offices in Southern California, he's glad to say that this same celebrity treatment is now widely available to anyone through a network of preferred providers. And in addition to being available, it's also affordable.

When it comes to maintaining your lifestyle and confidence during the treatment, Invisalign Teen braces are pretty much invisible and can also be removed at any time. They come with a series of clear aligners move teeth gradually over time.

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