Welcome to Vivid Sydney, the largest celebration of light-fueled ideas

Vivid Sydney, fourth annual festival in Sydney, that has become the largest celebration of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere, started on May 25 with more than 60 light installations including the pretentious lighting of the iconic Sydney Opera House sails. The festival will continue to amaze people until June 11, 2012.

The Vivid Sydney festival brings you lots of low-energy light art displays created by artists from around the globe, over hundred creative industry events including public talks, discussions, by world's respected creative thinkers.

Light installations on the sails of the Sydney Opera House and on the buildings and sculptures everywhere through Sydney Harbour are just a few things to see there. In addition to light installations, public talks and discussions, also musicians and music collectives are performing genres from electro-pop to rock. And some gospel in between.

The best spots to be in, to see everything in action, is the iconic Sydney Tower as well as Sydney Harbor.
You still have time to take part of this great event, visited by half a million people, until June 11, 2012.


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