Surprising Celebrity Facts

Do you want to know surprising facts about your favorite celebrity? Have a look.

Dolph Lundgren He is a chemical engineer. He did his graduation from Royal Institute of Technology. He is also a good karate master.

Jack Nicholson His mother was actually his sister, according to Times Magazine research.

Conan O'Brien He is regarded as the best interviewer and talk-show host.

Elvis He is regarded as the king of the pop. But do you know? His 8th grade music teacher found that he is not good in music.

Geena Davis She is a good actress and also keeps very good hands in archery. She qualified in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Drew Barrymore She host her first show in the age of 7. She is regarded as the youngest host.

Ashley Greene She is a fighter. She is doing martial arts from her young days.

Harrison Ford Do you know Harrison Ford started his career as a carpenter?

Taylor Lautner Another fighter in the list. Do you know Taylor Lautner is a winner of black belt in karate? He got this belt when he was 8 years old.

Tim Burton He wants to be a water polo or swim player.

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