Too much sex can be a bad thing, says Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, one of the famous porn stars stated today that “too much sex can be a bad thing”. Sunny Leone was there to promote a program organized by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India.
Sunny Leone is a famous porn star and her statement about sex confused her fans. She was named 2003 Penthouse Pet of the Year.
Actually Sunny Leone was there to promote street pets’ adoption. She advised people to adopt street dogs of gifts them to their friends or relatives. By doing this, you can save lots of street dogs and cats lives.
She added that there are numbers of streets dogs and cats in India. There is a need to provide them good shelter and good food. Those hungry and injured dogs are living in very poor condition. They need your love and protection and by doing pet adoption, one can go for this good task.
She stated that PETA is doing very good job on streets dogs and cats project. She was there to promote their project.
Sunny Leone is waiting for her first release in India. She is making her debut in Jism 2. It is the sequel to the Jism. She has been donated the entire wardrobe used in the movie Jism 2 for auction and the amount will go to PETA.

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