Beer belly business for sale

About a week ago I talked to my good friend, who, letís be
honest, is always high of drugs and alcohol. However, sometimes he does have
really great ideas, partly because of the visions heís having during his mental
& physical black-outs. So far heís been to alcohol rehab twice as much as I
have, but he still has some problems with it. His blood alcohol level is
usually as high as mine, but lasts three times as long.

A week ago he called me to ask if I could help him sell his
business. A business that he has been working with for the past two years.
Guess what Iím talking about? Yep, youíre right, youíre so undoubtedly right Ė
itís his beer belly business.

The general idea Have you ever watched this kind of stupid
TV shop channels? I would like to think you havenít, but thereís unfortunately
a 99% possibility that you havenít been that lucky. Third of the products
advertised there have something to do with losing weight, different
not-creepy-at-all diets and gas engines that can be wrapped around your body to
make your whole body vibrate.

Read the whole story here Ė Beer
belly business for sale

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