George Clooney to Host Fundraiser for Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama has departed Washington on a trip to California where he will attend a fundraiser Thursday evening at the home of Hollywood star George Clooney.150 donors have been invited to dine with the president, and the dinner is expected to raise $15 million for Obama's re-election campaign. $6 million of that amount comes from attendees who paid $40,000 per ticket for the event. The rest comes from an online fundraiser that raffled a chance to attend the event to small-dollar donors. News by VOA ... continue reading
Gary Johnson wins 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nomination
Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson received the 2012 presidential nomination of the U.S. Libertarian Party at Saturday's Libertarian National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Judge James P. Gray of California was selected as his running mate.
Johnson's association with the Libertarian Party stretches back to 1993, when he was a dues-paying-member for about a year. In 2000, the party recruited him to run as their presidential nominee, but he rejected the offer, saying, "I'm a Republican, and I'm not going to r... continue reading

Muslim Boy in Hindu Family? True Picture of India!
Asghar Ahmed, 8, could never quite understand what happened on the fateful night of February 28, 2002.
In the bustling town of Kalol in North Gujarat, armed men with black bandanas on their forehead hacked his parents to death, right in front of him.
Asghar escaped though and found refuge in the house of a neighbouring Hindu family who provided him with shelter. Despite repeated banging by the rioters at the door, the humane yet fearless family did not let them in.
Muslim boy in Hindu family
Now three and a h... continue reading
Muhammad Cartoons Cause Anger in Islamic World
The center-right Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten,
in September of 2005, published 12 satirical caricatures of Islam's
prophet Muhammad. According to the paper, the media was practicing
self-censorship when it came to things related to Muslims. As a result,
the Jyllands-Posten asked several caricaturists to send in drawings that depict Muhammad. Recently, the same cartoons were reprinted in other European newspapers, such as the Norwegian Magazinet, the French France Soir, and the German Die Welt.

... continue reading

Ariel Sharon started breathing
According to the doctors of Ariel Sharon the prime minister started to
breathe all by himself. Although the situation of 77-year-old Sharon is
still critical, the doctors managed to see at least "some" activity in
his brain.

They are now gradually reducing the amount of sedatives in order to get
him out of the artificial coma that he was put into, in order to let
his brain rest from the operations after his stroke.

Even though there is a great chance that Sharon will live, he will most likely not be ab... continue reading
Ukrainian University promotes anti-Semitism

According to ADL - Anti-defamation League, anti-Semitism is
rising big time in Ukraine. During the year 2005 around 300k Jews have faced
physical assaults and "desecration of their monuments and
cemeteries". Calls to violence agains Jews are published in Ukrainian
press, anti-Semitic symbols are appearing on walls of buildings and bus stops.

Dr. Duke's book “Jewish Supremacism” is also a best seller
in Eastern Europe and has been translated into 10 languages. There are two
pirated copies in Ar... continue reading

Discrimination of Islam
As the consequenses of discrimination against muslims is showing its ugly face in Europe, a deeper analysis into the problem would say that muslims are discriminated by the entire world. Natesh Rajgaopalan makes an in-depth analysis on the jehad of "islamic terrorists"            
                            &nb... continue reading
George Bush 'Incompetence' Makes Nuclear Terrorism More Likely

new novel about an Al-Qaeda plot to destroy America's largest cities with
nuclear weapons presents a thinly disguised George Bush as the incompetent
Commander in Chief who fails to act decisively when presented with growing
evidence that the next 9/11 is imminent.

October 16, 2005 -- A new novel about an Al-Qaeda plot to destroy America's
largest cities with nuclear weapons presents a thinly disguised George Bush as
the incompetent Commander in Chief who fails to act decisively when presen... continue reading