Discrimination of Islam

As the consequenses of discrimination against muslims is showing its ugly face in Europe, a deeper analysis into the problem would say that muslims are discriminated by the entire world. Natesh Rajgaopalan makes an in-depth analysis on the jehad of "islamic terrorists"            


U.S. Department of Homeland Security is urging Muslim air travelers to register with the federal government before flying. It is widely believed that US visas are rejected in many countries for muslim applicants. World believes muslims are Bin Ladens. The question is, who made this Bin Laden the man he is now. Its christian terrorists.

It is common to hear from news channels around the world about "islamic terrorists". Yes, Al Qaeda is an islamic organization. Then what about US army? the government backed, unauthorized terrorists? We all know the country's decision to interfere in Iraq politics was against the decision of UN Security Council and the international law. Bin Laden says - terrorism is his service for allah. George Bush says - God asked him to invade iraq. What differnce? Can we call US army as government backed christian terrorists? We have terrorist organizations in all religions. But they have their own name. This tag is only for muslims.

US is already having a tough time because it discriminates the religion. Its now for Europe to feel the heat. What should be appreciated about muslims is, they fight for their rights, though the whole world stands against them. This is some guts that is not shown by any other religion, especially hinduism. Lets pray for peace in france. And at the same time, lets pray for the entire continent to wake up in the eve of french riots. Many countries in europe have restive muslim population, and it would be very disappointing to see the entire europe burning. Wake up, europe, you have a war on your hands!


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