Ukrainian University promotes anti-Semitism

According to ADL - Anti-defamation League, anti-Semitism is
rising big time in Ukraine. During the year 2005 around 300k Jews have faced
physical assaults and "desecration of their monuments and
cemeteries". Calls to violence agains Jews are published in Ukrainian
press, anti-Semitic symbols are appearing on walls of buildings and bus stops.

Dr. Duke's book “Jewish Supremacism” is also a best seller
in Eastern Europe and has been translated into 10 languages. There are two
pirated copies in Arabic and an authorized version, with endorsements from
prominent Syrians is coming out in a couple months, and could sell millions in
the Muslim world.

David Duke's heros welcome in Syria recently gave him a platform to promote

his book, which has been widely read there by prominent Syrians and based upon
what journalists have said there, promoted to prominent Muslim leaders in the
Middle East.

In an interview with Syria's most prominent journalist, Nidal Kabalan, Duke

and this journalist promoted the idea of Muslims chastizing Western leaders for

imprisoning historians and scientists for their revisionist work, and promoted
the idea of Muslim leaders attacking Zionism by questioning the holocaust.

Here is the audio file of the interview between Duke and Nidal Kabalan:

http://www.davidduke.com/mp3/nidalkabalaninterview.mp3 (thank
you, Jill, for this information

According to ADL, the source of anti-Semitism in Ukraine is The Interregional
Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP) where a man named David Duke teaches a
course on history and international relations and who was the main participan
in academy's conference in 2005, called "Zionism: Threat to World
Peace." Additionally, MAUP has many anti-Semitic publications and holds
conferences on the topic. According to ADL, this is the only university in the
"democratic world" that has official policy of anti-Semitism.

Read more about the topic at ADL's website here.

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