Latinvibe.com domain for sale, no luck yet

owners of Latinvibe.com have put the domain for sale on Ebay
with the starting bid of US $37,000.00. It would really
be interesting to see if they really do manage to sell the domain or not. The
bidding started just 17 hours ago and it will last for 9 days and 7 hours more.
So far no bids.

As far as I can tell, they will have lots of problems with
selling this domain for this amount of money. After a short research about the
history of this site Ė it was registered on
with the sole purpose of selling it. During the years 2002 and 2003 it just
displayed some domains sales site, so it was just redirected to another site.
Alexa.com doesnít show any traffic details for latinvibe.com, thus itís
difficult to say if it receives any traffic by default at all.

their sales letter they try to advertise this domain as the best domain for
latin culture site. On their site they state that ďWe have had many
inquiries and interests for LatinVibe.com from major networks, cable shows,
magazines, and entertainment industries, but due to time consuming red tape and
negotiations, we have decided to make our lives simple with this auction

I do agree that itís definitely a good domain, I do agree that buying and
selling the domains for the sole purpose of making money is a good business
idea. However, after I saw this domain for sale, it just looked like something
that will never sell for this money. What do you think? Leave your comments

actually, if they really manage to sell this domain or US
, then I have one domain for sale as well, I think better than
latinvibe.com Ė itís artistboost.com,
currently PR 3. But if some serious guy wants to make a really nice page
for artists, or why not some music management company, then this is one of the
best domains available for that. And the starting bid would be $40,000.00. No
joke. Inquiries should be sent to manager@artistboost.com.

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