Two possible new moons discovered orbiting around Pluto

Using the Hubble Space Telescope,scientists have discovered two possible new moons orbiting around Pluto.If this is confirmed, it would bring Pluto's number of satellites to three. Charon, the only known moon of Pluto until now, was discovered by astronomers in 1978. Pluto lies in the Kuiper Belt, the vast region of icy, rocky objects beyond Neptune's orbit.The new moons are the first evidence of multiple satellites orbiting a planet in the solar system in the Kuiper Belt.

The possible moons, have been given the provisional names S/2005 P1 and S/2005 P2.They are between 30 and 100 miles across. By comparison, Charon's diameter is about 745 miles. Observations suggest that they orbit Pluto at at least twice the distance Charon does. P2 stays about 30,000 miles from the planet and P1 lies even further away at 40,000 miles.

The astronomers behind the discovery ,plan to make further set of observations in February to confirm the objects are actually new moons of Pluto. Only then can the International Astronomical Union, consider names for the possible satellites.

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