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The BMJ Group has appointed Dr Rubin Minhas as Clinical Director of the Group’s Evidence Centre, which was launched last year.

Dr Minhas joins the Evidence Centre having spent a year as a Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice at the RAND Corporation and the Southern California Evidence Based Practice Centre in Santa Monica, USA. Dr Minhas, a GP by background, acquired his appreciation of the systems approach to healthcare delivery while working under Professor Roger Boyle and during ten years spent working as a regional advisor in the UK NHS.


His interest in implementation science led to a national appointment to the NICE Technology Appraisal Committee in 2002. Dr Minhas has co-developed NICE guidelines for cardiovascular disease, and gained national and international experience of applying evidence based decision making and improving healthcare quality.

Dr Minhas said: “I am delighted to join the BMJ Evidence Centre and hope to continue its record of leading edge innovation in the field of clinical decision support and of shaping the rapidly changing technological and information landscape. The BMJ Evidence Centre is well placed to play an increasing user focussed role in supporting the improvements in quality of care and cost effective care that are demanded by healthcare systems around the world. I am really looking forward to working with the team to develop the creative solutions that will underpin tomorrow’s healthcare environment.”

Rachel Armitage, Director of the Evidence centre said: “Dr Minhas brings to the Evidence Centre not only the experience of a working doctor who has been a key player in the development of NICE guidelines but also an understanding of international healthcare systems and the importance of integrating evidence based medicine to improve the quality of healthcare for patients.”

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