Live Famously with Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton has teamed up with LEAN POCKETSŪ and together they have decided to offer one of you the chance to live famously in the new year for one day.

Perez Hilton is known for giving millions of his fans a peek into how the celebrities live. He is doing that at his blog perezhilton.com, previouly at PageSixSixSix.com. It was named "Hollywood's Most-Hated Website" by The Insider. Why? Perez Hilton is known for increasing coverage of celebrities in all forms of media, mainly gossip items and often topics that might put the celebrities into negative light.
He has also posted a lot of tabloid photographs to which his has added his own weird captions, bringing out the celebrities from the "closets" and so on.

This time, however, together with LEAN POCKETSŪ, he has started a "Live Famously" campaign which offers the grand prize winner and a friend a chance to live famously for a day in Los Angeles. The winner of the sweepstakes will get to stay in a luxury hotel, enjoy a chauffeured car service, have fun with a $1000 shopping spree and get rested again with a $250 spa experience. The grand prize also includes a special concert experience with Perez Hilton himself.

You can enter the contest today by going to LEAN POCKETSŪ Facebook Page, or www.leanpockets.com/livefamously.

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