Rosario Dawson Joins Amtrak To Celebrate National Train Day

Rosario Dawson, American actress, writer, singer and philanthropist has joined Amtrak as a spokesperson for the 5th Annual National Train Day. She's known for movies such as Men In Black II, Unstoppable, Sin City and Death Proof. Just to mention couple of names you might recognize.

She's going to host a signature event on Saturday, May 12, 2012 - the date for the National Train Day. It's a holiday started by Amtrak back in 2008 to educate the general public about the advantages of rail travel and the history of trains in the United States. As Rosario Dawson says, "I love trains not only because they offer a more intimate way to see the country and experience the communities along the way, but also because they are one of the greenest ways to travel, which is a value that has always been important to me".

Rosario loves that she can walk around the train and grab a bite whenever she wants to, the ever-changing scenery as the train passes by city after city, county after county, as the windows of the train turn into film strips for the traveler.

The 5th Annual Amtrak National Train Day celebrations will take place in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles, not to mention in all the communities across the nation. Join Rosario Dawson to celebrate train travel and the ways that trains touch the lives of people across America on Saturday, May 12, 2012.

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