Johnson Controls Empire State Building Efficiency

The first year after the retrofit project of Empire State Building has passed and the results are in. The retrofit project improvement measures performed by Johnsons Controls and Jones Lang LaSalle exceeded the guaranteed energy-efficiency by 5 percent.

“First and foremost, making the Empire State Building energy efficient was a sound business decision that saved us millions of dollars in the first year,” said Anthony Malkin of the Empire State Building Company.

During the innovative retrofit all 6500 windows were refurbished, new building controls were added, a chiller plant was retrofit and a web based tenant energy management system was included.

The project in its form is based on a $20 million performance contract, which means that if savings in energy consumption do not match the guaranteed levels, Johnsons Controls will cover the difference, showing that Johnons Controls must be rather confident about their work. 

Just this first year Empire State Building saved $2.4 from the improvement, cutting the energy usage by a whopping 38 percent. 

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