DuPont Calls for Common Food Security Metrics

DuPont, world-class science and engineering company established in 1802, commissioned the Global Food Security Index to have a global way of measuring food security as well as the impact of investments and collaborations at the local level. The Index was launched on July 10, 2012, by the Economist Intelligence Unit, also known as EIU.

According to Leo Abruzzese, Economist Intelligence Unit Global Forecasting Director, the main goal of the Global Food Security Index is to measure levels of food security. And that can be done by answering one central question - how can consumers in each country easily access sufficient amounts of safe, high-quality and affordable food?
The new Index addresses the underlying factors of food insecurity in 105 countries across the globe. "We've always known that what gets measured, gets done," said DuPont Chair and CEO Ellen Kullman.

The new interactive Global Food Security Index is available online at foodsecurityindex.eiu.com for everyone to learn about the food security and insecurity around the world.

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