"You Can Create Tomorrow" poster design competition

The Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts have just announced a poster design challenge with a theme "You Can Create Tomorrow."

The best of the best in each category will be receiving tuition scholarships of up to $3000 for studying at one of Art Institutes numerous schools while the national best will be receiving a full scholarship.

The competition takes place for the 10th time and in two categories - High school seniors and high school graduates/adults. Seniors and graduates are invited to participate from U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

How to win
The participants are expected to create an original poster design with the theme  "You Can Create Tomorrow." You must  use the logos of The Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts in your design (you can grab a .zip of those at their website). Once your poster is done, fill out the competition registration form and upload your design. For resolutions and formats, see their website. In addition to your design you'll also need to put together a 500-1000 word long artist's statement which would describe the concept of your design as well as the motivation of entering the graphics design field.

The prizes
As mentioned, the prizes will be given out in two categories. The winners of local high school seniors category could earn up to $3,000 tuition scholarship and in national level a full-tuition scholarship for studying in an Art Institute school. The winners of local high school graduates category could win up to a $1,000 tuition scholarship or as a national winner, a $10,000 tuition scholarship to an Art Institutes school.

More information about the rules of the competition as well as how to enter can be found at www.AiCompetitions.com/poster

Submissions are accepted through January 31, 2013.

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