North American International Auto Show took place January 14-27, 2013

One of the most prestigious auto shows of the year, North American International Auto Show, took place at Cobo Exhibition Center, One Washington Boulevard, from January 14-27.

It featured a great number of appealing vehicles; from great debuts to futuristic concepts.

The highlights of the show, they depend on the viewer, who likes what. But exotic cars on display that are definitely worth mentioning, were the most expensive car on display, Bentley Mulsanne; Red Bull F1 car, Jaguar XKR, Ferrari F12 and Honda Acura NSX Concept, not to mention Mercedes SLS with cool Back to the Future like doors.

Subaru introduced their all-new 2014 Forester, which is a full redesign of their celebrated crossover SUV, and now Subaru has improved its performance as well as fuel economy. According to John Krafcik from Hyundai Motor America, "HCD-14 Genesis gives a hint of the design direction we'll be taking, and an indication of the focus we're placing on driving dynamics and technology."

There was lots to be seen at the show and the press will be talking about the models displayed and introduced there for some time. For quick fix, go meet the beauty queens at naias.com.


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