Jim Belushi releases Gout Awareness video

Jim Belushi together with patient advocacy group Creakyjoints and Savient Pharmaceuticals released a video on Gout Awereness Day to make people more aware of the condition that affects 3.9% of U.S. population under the age of 65. The number of people over 65 suffering from the condition can be almost twice as high.

Historically known as the disease of the kings gout has spread more than ever due to changes in our diet, longer life expectancy as well as metabolic syndrome. Yet the disease is still considered embarrassing by many and people still think that even if they go to the doctor, they will not be taken seriously.

However, not in case of many diseases can a patient suddenly feel the worst pain he has ever experienced.

The video was created to get over the taboos and to make people more aware of the condition and the need to treat it.

Jim Belushi has been suffering from gout himself for more than 15 years now and he know how important it is to keep it under control.

"People with gout present on a spectrum of severity, but given the progressive nature of the condition and the comorbidities commonly associated with gout, itís important that patients work with their doctor to get their uric acid level under control," said Belushi.

For more information about gout and its treatment options, see www.creakyjoints.org.

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